A friendly member-to-member reminder of a few general etiquette rules

So, recently we've had a massive influx of new members. With more new members, we have more people who either haven't read the rules, or simply did not understand what they meant. As a community member myself, I would simply like to remind other users of what they say, and what they mean.

I am not a mod, and therefore cannot enforce this. I am simply stating that these are the actual rules, and should be obeyed.

Double posting. Oh how many times this has been reminded. Double posting is where your post is already the last post in a topic, and you make another post. For example, if multiple people reply to my post, rather than replying to each and every one individually, there is a better way to make sure they all get a response.

This is a representation of a double post

Thanks for your critique on my MOC!

Thanks for taking the time to give me your opinions.

This is the representation of how to reply to multiple people at once.

@user1 Thanks for your critique on my MOC!

@user2 Thanks for taking the time to give me your opinions.

Using the @ button, and then typing in the first few letters of a user's name should bring up a list of people. Select the person you're replying to, and it will give them a notification that they've been replied to when you make your post. This keeps the boards nice and clean, and saves the mods from having to fix more double posts.

The second and last thing I would like to talk about doesn't require a long, technical explanation. It's just as simple as being polite. I'm not asking you to make sure everybody is happy, but we've had a few MOCers who don't know what is appropriate critique to give. Telling somebody their MOC sucks and made you vomit is not appropriate. Telling them that their MOC has potential but needs work is totally fitting, but would be even better if it came with what could use work.

Same goes for any topic. Telling somebody their opinion is stupid is just as bad, maybe even worse. Every single human being on this planet has a right to make their own opinions, and this is a fact. If you disagree with their opinion, you are forming an opinion yourself and therefore using the same rule that gives them a right to their opinion.

With all this in mind, please remember that as a non-mod myself I cannot tell you to do this. I am simply requesting you do it to keep the burden off of ModSquad and to keep the boards clean.


Another idea for all the masters to do would be to link/invite new users to this topic.




I appreciate this, Ekorak! It's nice to see a master taking some responsibility and helping remind the community about this.

@Ghost8o Yeah, i'll probably link this to new users when they break the rules. Thanks for your input!


When I was a new member I couldn't figure out what double posting was because there wasn't a clear explanation. My explanation is:

A double post is when you have two posts right next to each other in one topic. If that happens, you can easily merge them into one post using the method given my Ek. It is perfectly fine to have multiple posts in a topic, as long as another post, by somebody else, is between your two posts.

Just thought I should add that in. Thanks Ek! This is a cool thing to do.


You all are forgetting something.

If double posting is an update to let's say... your story? Yeah, it's okay. Let's pretend I'm working on a story called @Nyran's quest for female karate bugmen on motorbike fans, if I post chapter 2 and it's a double post after the trailhead post, it's okay, or if your working on your moc and you showcase a new update but it's a double post, it's fine.


Double posting is okay in Creative Content ONLY IF the double post is an update to the topic.

In other words, what @BeefJStag said.


why not link them to both the rules and here?

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