A.Karpov vs G.Kasparov, 1984-1985

World Chess Championship 1984, legendary match between challenger Garry Kasparov and defending champion Anatoly Karpov.
(pics, vid, alternative photoset without names)


A beautifully crafted piece. Your usage of parts like the minifig cape for flags is highly creative, and the overall shaping just brings everything together so nicely.


This is a really creative concept for a build. I love this!

I like this MOC.

This is phenomenal. There isn’t much else I can say really.

I love this so much.

Like, seriously you should feel very proud of yourself, this is absolutely phenomenal. Not just because chess is the best sport of all time, but the detailing and the recreation of the whole scene in general is awesome. I just feel like the people should be a bit smoother because there are a lot of open studs.

I’m not gonna act like I know a thing about chess and chess competitions. But this is an awesome and well done piece. And if I can’t appreciate the chess part fully, I can sure as heck appreciate the creativity used with Lego.

@Stoax, thanks, I am glad you liked it.
@Jormad, thanks!
@Blue_Robots, thanks!
@ELE109, thank you!
@DannyBoyy, thanks!
I am totally agree with you – tiles suit better for sure. The main reason I didn’t hide studs is time limit (this one was build for contest) and lack of pieces in black/grey colour.
@ThatchMac, many thanks!

Thanks for feedback, guys!

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