A Kivoda/Vizuna Combiner

So on the Protector kaita of power & wisdom (WIP) topic created by @Dragon_fan, I recommended a torso design I created for a random combiner. Well here's the rest of it!

It's a PoJ/PoW Combiner model, something I wish all of the Protectors had.

Side View:

Back View:

Weapon Storage:

Just some extra pics:


Nice man! 9.5/10

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It looks like a BIONICLE Deity (like Vishnu)

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This is attractive

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What do you mean by "attractive"? :neutral_face:

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Jala is unimpressed.

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It looks good

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Why thank you. :blush:

This looks really great!

  • Colours are distributed well +5
  • Torso build is cool +5
  • The two colours of ammo look good +2
  • Made from my two favourite protectors +10
  • Uses the green Protector mask +9,000,000,000

Overall score: 9,000,000,022

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Wow, this looks pretty awesome, If i say so myself!

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I wouldn't say unimpressed, just bored. :wink:

Now that is a biased score! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why thank you. :grinning:


I like the 4 arms blush

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It looks nice. You pulled off the 4-armed aesthetic quite well here, the bow looks very nice, and my only complaint is that the foot on the back of its head looks a little strange and out of place.

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Thank you, @Silver_Falcon. So about the foot.

I completely agree with you. It sticks too far back and just looks un-appealing. I kind of used it as a place-holder for a more complex weapon storage, but I never got around to making it. Thanks again. wink

Looks alot like a Fallen Vandal from Destiny, I like it.
10/10, good job, m8.

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He has 4 arms.. Why?

Why not?

I mean, I'm not a fan of how it looks, but it makes sense for a combiner model.

As said by @Rac, Why not?

Similar to what else she said, I think it made sense on a Combiner. wink

Wow this is really good!

I don't really have much else to say about this.

looks like skull slicer got some competition