A.L.I. The Artificial Life Imitation

I know two MOC related things in one day, but after I built this I needed to share it.

On another planet, in another galaxy, and in another universe there existed a very advanced species of creatures. Not much is known about them, all we know is that they were very very advanced. Advanced enough to create a life imitation. All there previous attempts failed but A.L.I survived. After an extreme accident that destroyed the facility A.L.I lived in, he was free to explore the lush planet the creatures lived on. He was equivalent to a child, intrigued by almost anything. Not much is known about what happened next. Did the creatures find him? Did he leave the planet? Such is unknown for now…

Inspiration for this MOC came from a grey Hau I got in a mask haul. I was reminded by a few other similar MOCS and wanted to create my own character with it.

I kinda wanted the MOC to be very exposed like he was unfinished, that’s why you can see his breathing tube. You an also notice a few more tubes and such on other parts of the MOC

I think I have said everything I need to so just enjoy these photos!

Thank you for checking out my MOC!


Really Cool!

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Very lanky but still very well done.

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The upper legs are a bit gappy, but otherwise it’s a cool moc.

I wonder if that counts as an “Ek-neck”.

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At first I didn’t like the neck, but now I really like it, it fits this robotic style you’re going for.

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Please explain my friend.

Every one of @Ekorak’s MOCs has a strange neck.

Haha! I guess we both have a desire for the strange, especially in the neck department!

It has a windpipe. Neat! Never seen that in a MOC before… It reminds me of Hollywood animatronics and stuff.

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Ah you don’t know how much that means to me! Especially coming from you, such great Mocast! Thanks Gringat!

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Wow, this looks so neat … it somehow reminds me of (and I may be dating myself here) Transmutate from Beast Wars, probably in how exposed and gangly it is.

Pretty good.
The neck is a bit awkward, though.

Hush now my child.

Of course it’s not Ekneck. too short, only one unit long.


I like the moc especially the upper arms, but the name kinda makes no sense

That breathing tube really reminds me of the weird neck thing from JTO nice!

Does it have Genuine People Personalities?

What do you mean MysteryMuffin?

Google knows! (You can google it, and you will understand my pun which nobody gets because they didn’t read a certain book I hoped people would have.)

looks good but i feel he looks a bit “giraffe” like