A late introduction

Hey, I’m new here! At least I was two weeks ago, but I forgot to post an introduction topic. Heh…

My name is Andrew, and I’m a huge fan of Bionicle. I have been since I received Lewa Mata as a gift in late 2001. I love the sets and story, I love the community, and most of all, I love building. A few of my MOCs have already been posted here, and there are hopefully plenty more to come!

Besides Bionicle, I greatly enjoy reading, specifically classics such as 1984, Flatland, and Dune. I also love anime, some of my favorites being Gurren Lagann and Parasyte. I also like cartoons, such as Gravity Falls and Steven Universe, but I haven’t had much time for them since college started.

Just figured it would be nice to introduce myself, even if a bit late. Feel free to say hello, message me, or check out my creations. Thanks for reading!

Edit: Accidentally posted this as its own topic instead of in the introductions thread. I’ve already flagged it, so sorry about that.

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