A Lil Stego

Hi, here’s a lil stegosaurus.

Is it scientifically accurate? No.

Is it properly proportioned? No.

Is it imperfect? Of course.

Do I find it adorable? Absolutely.


Well it’s definitely a very simplistic build.

Let’s see here…

The bulk of the main torso built up by the hero factory armour abruptly drops off when it reveals the technic beans making up its innards. The main bone portions of the stegosaurus’ back are tan, but the thagomizer is white.

Also, you mentioned it wasn’t anatomically accurate, but I’m still irked at how the bone plates are so incredibly wide apart. This is more akin to the genus Huayangosaurus, which is… Literally a different-looking Stegosaur so I don’t know what I’m on about.

Keep up the good work!

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I do love my technic beans, should be part of every meal imo (jokes of course, spelling errors happen!)

Thanks for taking the time to critique! I agree with everything you’ve mentioned, for sure. If I was a more capable builder/had the time investment, I would try to get it to a more accurate portrayal. But I’m happy that I was able to build this simple little guy and have it look close enough to a stego :slight_smile:

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That looks surprisingly similar to a Stegosaurus! Nice Job! Those Vorox pieces work very well!

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Simple, but cute.

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Lil Stego sounds like a dinosaur rapper name😂 great job, its cute!

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Super cute

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Cute little dino! I love dinosaurs mocs! This is adorable! Amazing!

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