A little lego ship.

I was watching Lego Masters and felt inspired to build something. I built a little lego ship.

This is the little lego ship.

For optimal viewing experience, I recommend listening to ‘The Little Ships’ by Jean Jacques Perrey as you browse these pictures.

(Took me about 2 hours to build.)


I really like it, but you need to find a way to cover up those blue pin axles in the front with something black. I feel like the color would flow better that way

I’d have preferred to use black pins instead, but I had to make do with those. I built this while visiting home for a few days and I’m back at university now, so when I have access to some parts I’ll find a way to cover it up. Maybe a flat black plate extending from under the cockpit would work as a temporary solution.

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Pretty good.

I honestly thought the blue pins were lights or a visor or something…

The front view looks fairly sturdy, back view has decent greebel but look strange in some angle.