A little update to madraldor the soul eater

Hi everyone, i just did a little update to my biggest moc, madraldor the soul eater. I added wings with cloth and a few cover ups and armor changes here and there.

Hope you like the new upgrades on him.

Forgot to post a picture of him with his extra arms out


Wow it looks really good especially the wings!

Great moc, though I feel like you should add green Borak eyes. This might make him look more like a soul eater as energy seeps out of his metal shell

Upper arms are a bit messy. Along with the tubes. The legs are amazing. The feet seem a bit out of place design wise but this is a great moc.

Overall great moc. I like it.

It keeps getting better. The wings are a huge improvement.

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Fantastic, my dude. Could certainly be improved a little, but I don’t think it needs it. Good work!

This moc really amazes me it’s size and all it is truly a great moc.

Great work Hightekdragon