A Look at Constraction Set Piece Averages

Over the last couple of months I’ve put some focus into a Google Sheet tracking the average piece count as compared to price per constraction set, including Gen 2 of Bionicle and the Star Wars constraction sets. Part of the work behind it has been for fun, but I’m also using it to judge whether I should buy a new constraction set; if it doesn’t meet the average for its price, then I usually won’t buy it.

I’ve attached a few pictures to give you guys an idea of what it’s like.

EDITS: I’ve updated the sheet to contain all 2014 and 2013 constraction sets; in this case, just Hero Factory. I’ve also reformatted the value comparisons between Bionicle and CSW, and now Bionicle and Hero Factory, to be a little easier to read; for example, every US dollar spent on Hero Factory is could buy eighty-seven US cents of Bionicle parts. All of the formulas have also been updated. More pictures are coming soon.

Anyone who wants to see the sheet can do so; however, please PM me individually for the link. The link will remain unposted on this topic to maintain some online privacy.


The Star Wars sets are more expensive because they’re a licensed theme, so they have to charge extra money to pay for their license.


That’s definitely something that I take into account. You’re right about that.

Of course the protectors will have an inflated piece count with their stud shooters. That’s why PoS has more parts than Pohatu. For me, it’s really about the quality of the parts over how many each has but yeah this is interesting to look at.


In case anyone is interested, I’ve updated the spreadsheet pretty significantly; it now features all Hero Factory sets as well as the more recent SWC sets, and all averages have also been updated. Please PM me if you’d like the link.

Full Spreadsheet

Close-Up on Data


Nice job

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