A Message Board Members Guide To Lunairria


Lunairria is a World Unknown to many but is a World of Beauty, Magic, Mythical Rahi and WAR

and this is why this Book has been Made to tell you all about it.
From the Minds of Nuvin, Akista, Flecheimer and Utink and yours truly Kijai (Also @Whaddon) we bring you



Lunarria Consist of nearly hundreds of Islands but lets keep closer too the Main Ones for now (This Aint no Extended world -Nuvin)

Isoka was once a Pangea of sorts until THE GREAT DRIFT happened. the Island was breaking up in two directions. but the Spirts protected it from fully breaking apart making Isoka still the biggest Islands alongside its two sister Islands.

Isoja Isle
Isoja Isle is the Sister Island and is the most known for the Civil War which happened on it between the two Biggest Countries (Argath and Hoko)

Arika is a Peacful Island whos Toa migrated and used it as safety from the Civil War.
Most stayed and formed many Clans and a new Culture altogether.

To the Far south of Lunarria Stands Halikor a Island Known for its large Jungles and large civiliations. It has also been said to be a Cult worshiping Makuta Haritan on the Island

Isoka Locations
there are many locations in Isoka and its Sister Islands and many are worth seeing

on the coast closest to Isoja stands Cindaria a city of Fire Toa and Matoran who are known for their Naval and Ground Armies and for their Maritime Trading. Led by Tyracent he created the Cindarian Code (Tribute Of Fire, Showered In Cinders, Fledged In Ash)
and Leads his Ship The Cinders Trbute to Victory.

The Greatlands
The Greatlands is a giant desert to the far side of Isoka which consists of Rekkonia are Progressive town of Magic and Science. They live on rocky agreements with the Marakai who lived long before Rekkonia existed.

Tikhoh Monastery
Tikhoh is a Link to Arika and Isoka where Monks from Arika and Isoka keep the Makuta and the Almighty in balance.

Before The Great Drift Lisia was a Trading Kingdom shrouded in the snow. now it house the ruins of Britannien Cker in Blizzard

Goldusk Mountain
One of the biggest mountains on the far side of Lisia which was a safe haven from the Great Drift. Many crystals were found inside the Caverns which altered the Toa and Matoran who lived inside them Turning them into Stout Toa (and Even Stouter Matoran) called the Honigtau. They are Experts of the Brew and the art of Mining

Isoja Isle Locations
Being the larger of the sister islands, Isoja homes two kingdoms.

Argath used to be home to a camp of Barbarians who led to the wielding of shadows. this led to tension in the camp and the ones who detested the shadows left to find new land. when Argath was formed they created great weapons from the art of shadows.

made up of the Barbarian outcasts they followed the spirits of Isoja and became Warriors of the Beings.


Sounds promising. I look forward to what more Lunairria has to offer.

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Thank you
Should I add more to Isoka or should I make another Island
Also what is the best thing about Lunarria right now?

Hmm… Hmm…? Hmm…!

A realm that has not yet been completely defined? I wonder if Burnard exists in this realm. Probably not, but I should remove any inter-dimensional travel devices from the house to be sure.

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Since when did you have Interdimension travel devices?

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I had a Kanohi Olmak lying around once. Somebody “borrowed” it, and you can guess what they did with it.

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I see

Anyway what is your favourite part or Lunarria rightnow and is their anything you want to see

Well so far, I like this approach. More dedication to the settings rather than to an overall story and characters. I actually attempted making a Minecraft map with the same method myself.

I do have a question about one thing though. Are some Tales and Legends going to be added?

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Possibly since the Isoja Civil War will be a separate topic

And I will also add more Islands also Factions and information about the “extinct” Toa of Rahi
But I will let you create a part of Isoka

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Why was I invited to this?

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Too see if you like it or not since some might not have watch the Category

Well, it seems interesting so far. I think it could use a bit more ironing out, however. Like, get a bit more detailed. You mentioned a civil war, but don’t describe it or what it was about, and don’t even mention what any locations in the two countries it was fought between.

Added more to Isoka

I will do info about Arika and Isoja soon

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Seems pretty leet.

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Seems quite good. But what is it for, exactly?

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For my Moc canon since I want to expand the World I was talking slightly about in my Mocs

Anyway what is your favourite part right now? @Leoxandar

How about a cavern filled with elementally-charged floating crystals? Of course it could be a mountainous region with said crystals in the sky instead. Either one really.

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I like the idea

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I enjoy Isoka’s status as a former Pangea. Opens the doors for a lot of stuff to come.

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Interesting. Not sure why I was notified of this topic, but it’s interesting.