A Moc in construction not done

This is a moc that i have bin working on byt i havent finish him there are still some caps to fill up but i wanted to know what you guys think. I would appreciet tip n triks oh how to finish him.


The blue hand piece is a bit out of place. The back seems pretty gappy and the axel is award. I'd say this gets a 7/10 because the front looks great!

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I will be back to critique latter, have to go...

Wow, you made this in 2005 and your still working on it? Determination man stuck_out_tongue /s

Jokes aside, this guy is really appealing. Not much I'd say I would modify in the base design, except maybe the blue connector on his waist and the white pieces on his legs are a little odd looking, and back is very scarce, but it seems you can easily fill that with armor. His lower waist, and lower legs could use some minor filling too.

Other than all that I like it! Can't wait to see the finished product wink


Looks pretty cool. The main thing that seems like it needs to be fixed is some of the misplaced colors. The MOC has several parts in a color outside of his color scheme, such as the silver kneepads, white pieces in his thighs, and blue socket in his torso. If you're able to replace them with colors more in his color scheme, that would be great. Also, his back looks like it needs some armor over it, and the Metru waist seems to stick way off of the back. Not sure if you can find a way to make it flow with the torso better. Looking forward to the finished product!

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I really like it and unlike the others, I really don't care too much about color schemes. I really like the asthetic

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Yes her o factory parts are well known to actually being released in 2005. Most people don't know this but there are a few.