A New Look For Plumette!

Some of you guys may know of my moc Plumette, and some of you guys asked me for a fix to her. So here y’all go! :smiley:



Back (The red axle is what connects her dagger to her hand).

I added some a little bit of armour and added a belt to put her dagger on. I also re-arranged the shell armours a bit.



Link to original post-> Plumette


Very Nice! She looks more distinct and unique I still think if you replaced the ccbs bone in the thigh with a black version it would really flow

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Sure thing!

While this is an improvement, theres still some flaws, chest printing is rather distracting, and the belt sticks out like it’s floating.

The added armor on the lower legs looks nice and she no longer suffer a forehead gap.