A Noobs First MOC [The Ahkkadi Sentry] V2 update

Hey guys, just wanted to show off my first ever MOC character: The Ahkkadi, a 3 legged sentry drone crafted by the Nynrah Ghosts. The Ahkkadi self generates a powerful chemical similar to antidermis in composition, but can be moulded for use with two different built in weapon systems: A lance type weapon that shoots flames that cause chemical burns, and a cannon that fires zamor spheres filled with the chemical, bursting into a blinding gas that eats through armor. Unfortunately, this same chemical eats through the armor of the Ahkkadi slowly, giving the bot a sickly green glow. (Sorry about the low quality images, still trying to figure out the controls on my phones camera)


The lighting makes it a bit difficult to see, but for a first MOC it's not so bad. The colors are good, the build is simple but it does what it needs, and the concept is unique. The things I think you should change would be the arms and the "head". This is a good start.

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Thanks for the tips man. Yeah I tried to figure out a good build for the head but everything I tried didn't seem to work or fit, I'll probably post more pictures here later on when I bulk this guy up and fix it.

Hmm, it's very similar to Toxic Reapa. I like the idea of a sentry thing with three legs, though.


Actually I used quite a few parts from that set, breakout surge, the protector of stone, and pohatu G2 to build it

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I believe the name actually fits the moc since (to me) it seems very basic

It looks maybe a little too Toxic Reapa-ish. Maybe work it a bit more to get it away from the set's design.

So, why does it have a third leg? If it's a sentry I feel it would make sense to be mobile, as opposed to a tripod turret.

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Yeah, I'm currently thinking of ways to bulk this guy up and change it up a bit, giving him wheels instead of feet, making a better head, and breaking up some of the toxic reapa parts when I get on Christmas break tomorrow, the problem is that most of my old sets from pre CCBS are brittle and I am afraid to take them apart in fear of them breaking joints, a number of my sets already having broken joints in them.

Ok this is very good for a first moc
I like the colors, very well compared to my first moc
Very 2008 ish with the swampish feel to it
Not connected into the story though. This is the main flaw of this moc

Here it is guys, the Ahkkadi's second version, with pictures showcasing the new updates, including a new design for his chem torch, new shoulders, a new torso, and a full head design.

(My apologies for blurry pics, still using a phone camera for these >.<)

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Lol doesnt matter about camera i see it fine
Ok pros are +2 points and cons are -1 points
Flawless color scheme
Exceptionally good build for beginner
Creative head
Shoulder pads rule

Double ding dong weapon? That needs work

Overall 13
Super good for a begginer moc
For future reference... Start making it bigger and complex

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Oh trust me, I want to make my MOCs more big and complex, its just I lack a lot of sets with CCBS to do much with, and my classic bionicles are old and brittle, making me afraid to take them apart to MOC with. Also, thanks so much for the praise, yeah, I gotta agree with you too, I should really try to fix the weapon up, make it look better somehow

Ok i understand complexity for next update but plz make the ding dongs into an acid sword, claw, or gun