A Planetary System

I drew this planetary system for fun recently. It’s for a story I’m working on and will probably be used in it somewhere.

The names of the three main celestial bodies are Inlaer (the big red planet), Yu’lar (the middle blue planet), and Nahd (the green planet in the background, it’s to the upper right of Yu’lar)
C&C appreciated


Wow! This looks really cool, almost as if it was a real photo. Well done!

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Thank you very much, I worked hard on it.

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I agree, it looks like a real photo. Great job!

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Looks brilliant! I especially like the subtle blues and greens in the background. Many would have made a black background with stars and called it a day, but what you’ve done has added a really nice sense of depth and mystery.

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Thanks so much!
Fun fact; when I drawing this I originally had a very dark teal instead of black. I added the black on top to give it more pizzazz and make it darker.

Definitely made the right choice there IMO; the black contrasts very nicely with the greens & blues and really makes them pop. I don’t think teal would have had the same effect. Again, great job! :slight_smile:

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Actually the teal wasn’t removed, the blue was put over the remaining teal with some extra green, it’s not really noticable anymore, but you can see bits of it at the thinnest parts of the blue nebula.

Though that’s probably just what I see, sense I spent a good amount time adjusting that part of the picture.
(On a second note, I should probably sign it and remove the old version, then put the signed version up. Since art online is subject to easily be stolen if you don’t do that. Also I guess a watermark would help.)