A Problem I have noticed with Lego Club Magzine

Hello, First off I would like to say that this does have to do with bionicle and I was not sure where else this topic belonged otherwise.

A problem that I notice with Lego Club is that it doe snot notify you when your subscription is no longer valid, each subscription lasts around 2 years. I had not received the December to November issues so when the January to February issue with the bionicle insert was released I was already aware that I was no longer getting them. I managed to re subscribe and just earlier today I received the magazine, how ever it did not contain the bionicle insert, the one thing I wanted it had everything but the insert. This is a common problem where loosely secured inserts in the magazine fall out or are not even in some magazines to begin with. Many people who wanted the minecraft poster included with the November-December issue did not have one included.

Now if somebody can tell where lego notify subscriptions ending (If they even do) that would be great. Also if you can tell me you had the same problems and found solutions that would also be great.


I didn't get the Minecraft poster... frowning

Moving to Lego Category wink

I've never had issues with the Lego Club not notifying me in the past. They would always have some sort of "Hey, your subscription is ending, better get a new one!" sort of deal. However, I haven't gotten the magazine in several years, so the process may have changed by now.


I subscribed and haven't gotten any magazines. I subscribed 2 months ago...


I've had the same problem both times I've subbed to Batman. it's like my place ust doesn't get subscriptions.j


I once got notified that my subscription needed renewing right after I renewed it.


It's still under the Bionicle sub-category.

But yeah. I usually get a notice in the magazine before the last on my subscription.

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