A Problem of Mine.

*four eyed

Uh as for your problem, do you ever use bricklink.com? Maybe you could use it to get more parts.

Yes,i know that bricklink is a choice,but i hate being hindered by parts l dont have,or the fact that most big headed titan builds either use fenrakks headpiece or gadunkas.

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Inspiration is quite a fickle thing, and having the willpower to turn the dream into reality is a different set of problems. Even when I had a lot of time on my hands and had a lot of things I wanted to make, I struggled to find the motivation to get started on them - it still happens.

I don’t think an aversion to digital creation is not uncommon. I mostly make music these days, using physical synthesizers and pedals. Definitely not the most cost effective hobby I could have, but it’s much easier for me to get started on something cool and see it through than it would be on a computer. I’m also working on computers most of the day, so it’s a nice break. Like Rukah said, Bricklink is the way to go if you really want more parts. Unless you have a lot of disposable income, you’ll want to find parts that you can reuse and can really improve your MOCs.

I’m not sure how long you’ve been in the BIONICLE community, but this is probably the third “dry spell” of the community, following the cancellations of G1 and G2. Hasn’t stopped the community before, and I don’t think it’s going to stop the community now.


I am sorry to hear that you’re feeling down about this.

To get ideas for mocs, perhaps you could look to your own collection of pieces, and draw inspiration from that. Maybe think of a color scheme or design for a head or torso or weapon and then build off from there.

Additionally I’ve seen people use online random generators to character traits, which they then use to draw or sculpt a character. I’ve never done it myself but it could potentially make for a fun and refreshing way to moc. I dunno.

But don’t get too hung up over it. Inspiration can sometimes strike unexpectedly…:wink:

While what happened to Greg is a shame, I honestly think that this is the best direction the contests could have gone, and part of me is glad that they’ve “ended” (Duckbricks and Ghid are running contests of their own currently, if you didn’t know)

Hang in there, Olisi, Ghid will be expelled to his home dimension soon. We just need 9 more sacrifices to complete the ritual :pensive:


Yes, this is very true.

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Your feelings do not fall on deaf ears, friend. The life of an artist, especially one that is not full-time, is not an easy one mentally or physically. Your perseverance to climb from these depths is a testament to your tenacity. As said above, inspiration is ever so elusive at times which can be incredibly frustrating.

Digital designing had also been a hang-up for me at one point too. In terms of how to make it more tangible and not like a “wish-list build”, I’d suggest using Stud.IO and only using pieces you know you own or add one or two pieces you don’t. If a build works out, then a few [Insert Currency Here] can make it a reality. This is how I got over the “not real” thing. Being cost effective as well is a dangerous tight-rope to maneuver in my opinion. The gratification of creating something that has your proverbial blood, sweat, and tears in is what I strive for, even if it takes a few dollars extra.

From personal experience, I find the more chaotic and uncertain my life was, the stronger my art was whether it was a big-boy Bonk or even a five-minute doodle while in class. I realized my art was rather morbidly fuelled by my emotions. I’m not saying you should emulate this in any way shape or form, as it seems you are deeply upset by your predicament but I figured I’d share how I was inspired back in the day. As an adult now, there’s no shortage of stress let me tell ya. Also, I feel that a person’s imagination is linked between multiple forms of art, such as building, designing, drawing, music, writing; the list goes on. What I mean is you may be able to jump-start your inspiration if you pursue a different form of art for a bit or even simultaneously with building. The creative mind is a strange and unique thing. What works for one may not for another. I personally try to write a bit in between bouts of building and any writer knows the exact same slump in inspiration can come out of nowhere, like a Moustache-Twirling Villain, to foil your plans!

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