A Prologue (AKA: what happened to the other kidney?)

Things on the island of Cidina Nui were about to go very wrong very fast. Normally, the status quo of the island was a rocky but stable one, where the massive four armed brutes who lived near the great volcano left the Matoran villagers alone, and the Toa tasked with protecting the Matoran left them alone. But today things had gone differently, and now all of Cidina Nui was in jeopardy. One of the creatures, a particularly physically strong and mentally lacking one named Nocturn, had decided that it would be fun to grab a pair of Matoran from their homes and attempt to invent some sort of new sport that used the two Matoran as projectiles. While Nocturn may have had fun with this, the Vo Matoran Ohmi and the Ko Matoran Cykil were very much not having fun.

Luckily, or perhaps unluckily considering the events that would soon transpire, the island’s Toa team, the Toa Cidina arrived to rescue the two Matoran villagers. A Toa of magnetism began pulling nocturns armor apart while a Toa of fire wearing a Kanohi Garai, mask of gravity used his mask power to make Nocturn collapse in on himself, while a Toa of ice began to freeze him. Nocturn was held snugly in place by this but the Toa realized at about the same time that if they kept this up, their powers would wind up killing Nocturn, and that was something they could not bring themselves to do, so they released their hold on the creature. Enraged and in pain, Nocturn lashed out in anger, striking the ground with a fury never seen before. He had struck just hard enough and in just the right spot, that all of the sudden the very foundation of the island began to crack. The ground began to shatter, and the great volcano began to erupt. The Toa Cidina would find themselves falling one by one, either being killed by Nocturn or by the ground crumbling beneath their feet. Soon only one Toa would be left standing, a Mahiki wearing Toa of psionics named Brutixa.

As Nocturn struck at Brutixa, she vanished into thin air. Nocturn continued to attack Brutixa’s illusions for a short while before getting frustrated and setting his sights on the two Matoran. As Nocturn contemplated which of his four arms to attack with, Cykil and Ohmi both attempted to selflessly jump in front of the other to block Nocturns attack, but with the two of them having the same idea they just wound up bumping into each other mid air and falling to the ground. Just as Nocturn decided which arm to attack with, he was hit in the back with a powerful blast of mental energy. Toa Brutixa hit Nocturn with wave after wave of psionic attack fueled by her own anguish, something that would have lobotomized a more intelligent creature. She followed this up by hitting Nocturn in the face with the butt of her axe, knocking him out cold. Brutixa stood over Nocturn, axe in hand, and contemplated killing him. She knew it was wrong and against the Toa code, but had her teammates killed him earlier, none of this would be happening and they would still be alive. But before she could make up her mind, a blue red and gold figure of titanic size appeared behind Nocturn. Realizing that this being could teleport, she begged him to help evacuate her Matoran from the crumbling island. The titan looked at her dismissively and stoically stated “I am Botar. I am here to take my prisoner to the pit, no more, no less.” and in an instant both Botar and Nocturn were gone.

With very little options, Brutixa sent out a psychic cry for help, hoping that it would not fall on deaf ears then set to work on gathering as many Matoran as she could before it was too late. Cykil traveled to the village of psionics, hoping to alert the Ce Matoran, who meditated in sensory deprivation for much of the day, about the danger, while Ohmi traveled to the island’s collapsing mines to rescue as many of her fellow Matoran as she could. Soon, help would arrive, as 5 Toa from a nearby island had heard Brutixa’s call for help and arrived riding a Rahi that the archivists of Metru Nui would have called a “Great Temple Squid” which was controlled by a Toa of plantlife, Gaiella, with a Kanohi Komau. Izaakus, Toa of gravity, used his elemental powers to hold the island together for as long as he could, while Chalybs, Toa of iron, began to build temporary bridges of metal between collapsing chunks of land for Matoran to run across. Gaiella now used her mask of mind control to fly over the Island on an insectoid Nui Rama searching for Matoran stragglers while the Toa of plasma did likewise with his Kanohi Miru, mask of levitation. Arthron, Toa of sonics, meanwhile used echolocation to search for endangered Matoran in places where they could not be seen from above. Soon all of the Matoran still alive had been gathered onto one of the sinking islands more stable chunks of land, and as they looked out upon the sea, they saw a fleet of boats manned by Matoran from another island, here to help transport them somewhere safe.

At the helm of the largest of these boats stood a Turaga of Air. The Turaga’s ancient eyes stared out at the crumbling island unphased, as he had seen far greater horrors thousands of years ago when his former Toa team were tasked with seeking out the legendary Kanohi Ignika. The Matoran and Toa all loaded up into the boats, with Brutixa being the last to get onboard, and headed off to a nearby island. In time the Matoran would get their first glimpse at the golden beaches of their new island home, Kyda Nui. Soon, they would begin to integrate themselves into the society there. The 5 Toa invited Brutixa to join their Toa team, and so she did, becoming the 6th member of the Toa Kyda. As they made landfall to the island of Kyda Nui, back in the ruins of Cidina Nui, chunks of land crashed down upon the ocean floor, landing atop of a nest of creatures who had been left in hibernation for tens of thousands of years, and if you wake one, you wake them all…


GOSH DANG IT. You just haaaaaaaaaaad to go and make the origin of zork look even worse than it already is. jk this is a joke i actually like where you are going with this.


well this is just like set up to explain why there are matoran of all elements and to give the psychic lady a reason to have a “I would die to save the matoran and I would also kill to save the matoran” mindset rather than the dogmatic normal toa one

interesting take
make more

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I like it, only question is what fate shall befall the remaining kidney?

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wait a minute
What happened to the rest of Nocturn’s species? Did they die or were they taken with?

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they are amphibious. they just swam away lol

um its the island from my profile picture where the whole rest of the story happens
if you really wanna know they blow it up during gsr vs prototype fight at around same time tahu uses golden armor so makuta gets kidney failure or something


Oh yeah
Forgot they were amphibians

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side note but the two matoran from this are the matoran mentioned in the story ohmi and cykil. they will have the takua role in the story

this is urgent: mata nui has experienced kidney failure. he desperately needs a willing donor to offer him a kidney (and your entire body please just wear the mask of life it’s urgent)


Wow. Sounds awesome, stranger!

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