A Question about Fusing Kanohi

According to Chat with Greg Farshtey | Page 371, Prototype’s mask only has one unknown power, due to the fact that fusing two Kanohi results in a different power rather than one mask with both abilities. However, in Mask of Light, the Avohkii and Kraahkan merge into the Mask of Light and Shadow, with the powers of both. Why didn’t those masks combine into a third power? Is this because of the different means through which Prototype and Takutanuva were created?

As a follow-up, can a user of a Mask of Fusion access the mask powers of other beings s/he merges with? Do their masks fuse like Prototype’s, like Takutanuva’s, or not at all? Thanks.

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Mask of Light isn’t exactly canon.


Based Sonus

This is basically the answer, although I would quickly like to add (possibly also for Greg’s benefit) that Prototype was hit with the spear of fusion and Takutanuva was transformed with energized protodermis, meaning he was likely referring to the former process and not the latter. Energized protodermis has a habit of doing whatever the heck it wants.

Although this does bring up an excellent question: How would the outcome of mask fusion (power-wise) be determined? Is it a combination of both masks going in, or


I would wager that this is most likely a forgetcon, especially given a very similar answer. As you said, it goes against how the Mask of Light and Shadow operated, but also the Kaita masks.

This is a very great question, but in all honesty, Greg probably can’t or won’t answer this since that mask power was a fan creation. However, I think it still can be answered. It depends on whether a Kaita can use more than one mask power at a time. It has access to multiple mask powers, but I’m having difficulty finding confirmation that it can use all of them simultaneously. In fact, I’ve found quotes that suggest the opposite:

If the fusion is forced or unnatural, the Mask of Fusion must be activated at all times in order to remain fused. If Kaitas (and presumably other fusions) cannot access more than one mask power at a given time, then it cannot use any other power while using the Mask of Fusion.


I kinda do that but using 3D files and overlapping them via their axle connector. Once done I line them up to be how I like how they look. Currently in the process of fusing every mask type on thingiverse belonging to a weirder of fire, ice, stone, earth, water and jungle/air(separately not all those masks in one) then I add element themed eye holes like flames for fire, water drops for water, icicles for ice, mountains for earth, vines and leaves for jungle/air. Not sure for stone. Any ideas.

It is. The movies are canon, more so than their novelizations. (1) (2) (3) The mask is described in Takutanuva’s BEU entry.


It may be more accurate to call the movies inconsistent.


Yeah, you are right that there are certain elements that aren’t, like the various aspects of the Rahaga.


That passage makes me wonder - if Teridax’s mask was knocked off, how would half of it be made into the Mask of Light and Shadow? (the Kravohkhaan, if you will.)

I just realized the above query is quite off-topic, but I can’t find anything that would let me make a new thread - is that restricted for me for now?

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