A question on cleaning/restoring Bionicle sets

So here’s the story:
A while back I received some used Bionicle sets from a friend when they moved away to college. I recall they were displayed in a window when we were kids, which might explain why some of them (especially the white ones) have Yellowed on the back side. They were then in storage for sometime before I received them in a plastic shopping bag. I cleaned them off (probably with a sanitary wipe) then stored them in a Ziplock bag for a while before getting them out to do some MOCing. To my surprise they smelled like they had been stored with old socks or an unwashed/used gym towel. So I dunked them in a bowl of water with a bunch of dish soap. They smelled better for a while but then I put them in a new Ziplock bag for a few months before getting them back out. To my horror, they smelled bad again, and what’s worse is they were starting to make my Bionicle parts stink too. So I dunked them again and am waiting to see what happens. I try to always keep my Bionicle sets clean and sanitary as well as my living space so I assume that where ever they were stored before I got them must have had something to do with it if they were moved to their garage for a while. I kept one of my MOCs on display and it still smells fine, the rest smell fine for now but I am afraid if I put them back in a container they will start to stink again.

Does anyone have any suggestions should the smell come back to get rid of it permanently (and not make them smell like perfume or something). Also does anyone have any suggestions on how to undo Yellowing of plastic? I guess this is sort of like a restoration project.


For the yellowing plastic you should look at retrobrite. The 8bit guy has some videos on youtube where he restores old yellowed computers. Since lego bricks are also abs it should work.

For the smell maybe you could look at videos on how to remove other hard to get rid off smells like cigarette smell

And if any stickers are damaged (probably not in this case since bionicle sets don’t have lots of them) look at some toy polloy videos where he restores the stickers for some old toys


I just got a bunch of hydrogen peroxide for the yellowing:


you mean The 8-Bit Guy?