A question regarding Brickfair Virginia 2018

Hey there, everyone!
This year I have an idea: I wanted to come to Brickfair 2018! Then, I had another idea:let’s go there with a creation! So here is why I want to go to Brickfair with a city made of sets and modify sets. Also, I asked my father , who is an engineer, if he would help me, and he said yes! More: after I told him about Jang’s city, he said that, if we are going to do this, he will call his engineer friends to help us. So I could make an awesome lego city with a team of engineers! Awesome.
But… There is a problem. My dad said that he won’t make the city if he don’t have a good reason. So we won’t make any city if there isn’t a contest or something. I first heard about Brickfair last year, so I don’t know anything about it. So, I ask you! So please ask me this questions:

  1. Are there contests at Brickfair?
  2. If so, how many and what are the subjects?
    3)There is another thing I need to know about Brickfair?
    Thank you. :relaxed:

Well… sometimes they host contests, but usually what people are gunning for are the individual awards (I forget what they are called…). There are a variety of categories, and I think you could probably look on their website to find them and see if there is a city-based category.

It would be pretty cool to see you at BFVA! The more the merrier.I think?


theyre called brickys, i think


I don’t know the exact details since I only went this year for the first time, but it seems like theres a “best of theme” trophy for all themes. So if you’re building your city out of mainly Bionicle, city, or ninjago (just for example) you have a chance at winning the best of Bionicle, city, or ninjago trophy. I don’t know the exact details but I think the winners are voted on by attendees (someone please verify all this for me).


I have the link to the Brickfair website for any important registration info you may need.

If you’re planning on showcasing your MOCs, you’ll be at the expo center before it opens up to the public, and thats when you want to go around buying pieces. The vendors run out fast. Most vendors don’t even sell pieces in bulk. Most I saw sold rare/exclusive minifigs, custom minifig parts, or sets. You can get some good sets there but you have to be quick.

If/when you go, I hope you’ll enjoy it. It was a ton of fun just to walk around and see everyone’s MOCs and talk to everyone. I highly recommend going at least once.