A Quick 2007 Painting

“Legend has it that the only hope of ever getting out of there is a mask that every deep sea creature has been craving for years, a mask, they say, everyone is prepared to fight for, and risk their life to possess. But the only way of ever finding out is to go there and see for yourself.”

the narration in the creeps from the deeps mini movie still gives me mad goosebumps.


Very beautiful. The lighting is perfect, and it gives it that creepy 2007 atmosphere. The squid arms are also a good touch.

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I love this, the colors, and the impression of a light in the dark, it’s awesome

so are you going to do more of these based on the other Bionicle years?

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Well done with this painting!

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you’re a Picasso

This is beautiful, really nicely done. Good job! :smile:

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Awesome drawing. :)_________________________________________________

Nice one @cat!

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i wont say either yes or no because it depends on how i feel like. this was just a color practice.

thanks everyone for the nice comments so far by the way.


I can always count on you to deliver quality

That is VERY well done! Excellent job! I personally liked 07 a lot, so it’s no surprise that I enjoyed a painting that captured the dark and creepy vibe it had. Well done! Here, have a cookie! :cookie:

Very good! definitely better than what I could try!

Amazing painting! Have an awesome croc! :crocodile: