A secret history of the Toa of Light?

While in Karda Nui, the Makuta mentioned that Av-Matoran have a higher likelihood of becoming Toa of Light than any other Matoran (which led to them wanting to convert them to Shadow Matoran); however, it seemed like a landmark occurrence when a Toa of Light came forward in the form of Takua. Is there some secret history with Toa of Light/Time Slip Av-Matoran that the Brotherhood is referring to, or are they referencing parallel universes somehow?


Technically, I believe Av-Matoran are more likely to have the potential to become Toa (not all Matoran are able to be turned into Toa). So a larger percentage of Av-Matoran are capable of being transformed into Toa, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that more of them will actually become Toa.


The fact that there are so few of them might play a factor, too— who knows?

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Regardless, potential or no, unless there’s some midichlorian-esque factor that can be quantified to predict the ability of Matoran to become Toa, there has to be a prior-established means of determining the statistics that they’re referring to–something that even Brotherhood scientists were able to determine. An answer (whether it’s desirable or not) is that at one point, there were more Toa of Light, and the Brotherhood was able to gather relativistic data measuring their potential and tendency to transform. In other words, something has to have been present for them before to understand these percentages that you refer to.

Even if it’s just a matter of there being fewer of them, the question still presents itself of where the Brotherhood is getting this information.

It’s a bit of a throwaway line, but it’s still key to how the Brotherhood presents its activities in Karda Nui.


Well, we know one factor is whether they were made by the turaga’s magical matoran making machine or not. If they were, they can’t become toa. It’s a simple as that. Now, how long they’ve been monitoring the matoran will determine if they are able to also keep tabs on the matoran made by the GB’s.

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Keep in mind that Av-,Matoran were the prototypes for Matoran. Not knowing at that point how many Toa might be needed to manage the system, it would make sense that more of them were given the potential to be Toa. But having that high of a percentage throughout the system didn’t really make sense, because it would mean more resources had to be made to make more Matoran to replace them when they ascended. So the percentages were cut down for subsequent tribes.


Ah, makes a lot of sense. Now, how would you say the Makuta discovered this? Was there something they could quantify, or did they stumble upon some ancient records left by the Great Beings or something?