A SkyWars Community Game-Night Topic

Once upon a time, on the mystical island of the TTV Message Boards, a certain someone requested in a certain topic that a certain other someone put forward the Idea for a Sky Wars Community Game-Night.

For those who don’t know, Sky Wars is a Minecraft server where a player is dropped (sorta-kinda-not-really Hunger Games style) onto a map with a big island that is ringed by a series of smaller islands. The player then lands on one of these smaller islands and, using whatever supplies they can grab/steal/mine, tries to be the last man standing. Oh, and these islands are floating in the sky, so don’t fall off (or dig through).

So, without further ado, here it is. A Sky Wars Community Game-Night Topic.


sign me up
Il rek u all
Come at me

I might participate… But this just makes me want a SG game night even more…

I want to join, but if I learned anything from the last community MC game, it is that I cannot commit to it. I’ll join if the stars align.

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Would love to join, will most likely not be able to. I’d need a better idea of when this may occur.

I’m down.
when and where. Well, when art least.

Well, as for the date/time of this possible gathering, I was thinking on a weekend sometime, probably after, say, 5-or-6:00 PM CDT.

None of the above information is set in stone or anything like that, it’s just what previous experience tells me would probably be best.

I was hoping to leave the specifics (date, time, method of in-game communication) to other, more experienced people.

I was simply mentioning an idea (and someone told me to make a topic, so I figured I would, lest this whole thing be forgotten soon after it was proposed).

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Did you have a certain server you were thinking about, or is Sky Wars was the server name?

Well, there is a specific server with the name SkyWars.

  • edits topic title to reflect new knowledge of “Sky Wars” being one word *

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I’ll totally join this.

Oh sweet. Count me in, if possible.

Is this thing still happening?

Yeah… probably not.