A speech from Velika regarding the absense of the Toa Nuva

So, I had this assignment for my speech class. It didn't have to be presented, so I figured I would make it backstory for some of my MOCs.

As the title says, the speech is spoken by Velika. He is now a dictator over Spherus Magna, and he has been taking out powerful members of the Matoran Universe to keep them from overthrowing him. He is also using Orwellian-style misinformation to control the Matoran's and Agori's thoughts on the matter.

This is about the Toa Nuva, who I have made mocs of. Some of their story is mentioned there.

Before we start, I am sure that most of us here today are confused about the recent events taking place in our world. Many of our greatest heroes and our strongest enemies have either died or have gone missing from mysterious causes, some of which looking to treason. And while our leaders and I still have many questions about these sudden events, we ensure you that we will give you the information that we find about them, and will stop any traitors. Today, I will speak about the Toa Nuva, who are the most recent members of these events.

Some of you have known these heroes since they arrived. Others may have only learned of them recently. These heroes were crucial to the safety of the Matoran and to the restoration of Spherus Magna. Without them, we would not be seeing each other today, so we are in great debt to them regardless of intentions I will address later.

The Toa first drifted to the shores of Mata Nui amidst the struggles of Teridax’s control over the island. They came with no knowledge of their past or their purpose, or of each other, but they pledged to protect the Matoran and save Mata Nui. They stopped the attacks of many rahi, and braved through their struggle to get the tools they needed to succeed. They soon got these tools and went on to battle the creatures of Mangaia and defeat Teridax.

As time went on, the Toa Nuva encountered new challenges, and were successful in most of their efforts. They defeated the Bohrok and the Bahrag, stopped the Rahkshi and found the true heir of the Mask of Light. They later found the Mask of Life, defeated the Makuta, and reawakened the Great Spirit, Mata Nui. In the final battle, they aided the others in distracting Teridax, allowing Mata Nui to defeat him and restore Spherus Magna.

The Toa Nuva are known for their bravery and their dedication to their cause. They are also known for their skills and power, and their ability to work as a team. In the Matoran Universe, the Matoran had 3 virtues, said to have been passed down by Mata Nui: Unity, Duty, and Destiny. These Toa are the embodiment of these three words.

Unfortunately, with the death of Teridax and the retreat of Mata Nui, it seems that the Toa Nuva have swayed from their original ways. With the two beings that could stop them gone, they now seek to control our universe and enslave our people for their own benefit. They are not dead, but they have gone missing in fear that we would discover their plans and stop them. But our leaders and I aren’t as naïve as they seem to believe. We have discovered their plans, and we ensure you that we will not allow them to go through with them.

If you happen to see them, don’t be alarmed. Do not try to reason with them, as they may attempt to silence you by any means necessary. Keep your notice a secret and notify the authorities. As we have seen, these Toa were once powerful warriors, and it will take more than a citizen’s reasoning to stop them. When we find them, we will take the actions we find necessary to stop their plans, whether it be their imprisonment, or if absolutely necessary, their destruction. Thank you, and long live the new republic.


Very interesting read, I've always wanted to see more of Velika and this is a nice sight

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Velika certainly sounds like a dictator, this speech has a really good "Big Brother" feel to it.