A Tahnok is given a Gahlok's Krana, what happens?

Hi! It’s a somewhat simple premise, I’m sure. Would the Tahnok act more like a Gahlok? Does it matter? Will it boot up, or be uselessly dormant? Does the Krana just change its “type” to match the Tahnok? I also have some follow-up questions on this.

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I dont think it matters, as there arent specific krana variants for each bohrok aside from color variants, though I think that depends on what kind of bohrok (or va) they are in

Maybe the Tahnok would try behaving like a Gahlok?

I think there has to be some variations within the different colors, because to unlock the Exo-Toa and defeat the Bahrag, the Toa were tasked with collecting the 8 different types of Krana from each of the 6 swarm variations. If there truly was no difference between the types besides color, then couldn’t they just collect all of the krana from say the Tahnok and it’d be good? :thinking:

  1. What will happen if wrong type Krana’s in wrong type Bohrok?
    2) Not possible to do. Any krana can work in any Bohrok, it adjusts to its Bohrok when placed inside.

Interesting. Does that answer happen to apply to Krana-Kal and a normal Bohrok, or normal Krana and a Bohrok-Kal as well?


Thanks! This is some very useful info.