A TTV Fighting Game?

yeah guys sorry about this a completely forgot about that rule until @Whaddon mention it. this is why it's good to go back and reread the rule book now and then.

you guy's can keep talking about the TTV fighting game me and some other people are working on if it doesn't get flagged again but I'm going to go and work improving my skills for now. and sorry if i failed again

Have great day.


You know some of us will have Stands


tbh 3D modeling is only half of it making a game (my advertised occupation btw) is more about the code.

I do like the idea though. Maybe its cuz its an excuse to punch @EvilLobsterKing in the face. /s/s/s/s/s/s


Oh believe me i know this. I was trying to make my own video game about a year and a half ago but i lost my motivation to continue making it, and stop improving my skills as a 3D modeler for a while (which is why I'm so behind with my Skills right now).

It's why i said i would like to help make something like this one day.

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You wanna go me homie?
Lets fight.
Right here.
Right now.
Also /s...


Fight! Fight! Fight!

And Wow 6th post and we're already getting off topic

Right um.
I'll fix this.


Like Music?
Something quite and haunting.

Very Small.
Assuming regular human size is the average.

Other stuff and things.

Look at that.
Back on topic...


Great save @EvilLobsterKing.

any way

Yes it is.

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No problem.
What would you be like?

Attack moves: super heated shadow attack, shadow slash, shadow kick. there are propaly more attack he'll have in the future. but for now that's he attack move.

Theme: Something hard core but with a deep meaning.

How tall: Huge.

Any thing else: Umm lets see his a dragon so yeah.

Any move that any character can use, @IllustriousVar can use. His flaw is, sometimes he get flashbacks of the beelzebug, and he stops for a while to try to kill it


That would be a cool idea, in fact I've thought about it myself a couple times.

My character would be my self MOC, Stoax

Stonewall: Defensive

Character slams foot on ground, wall of stone juts from the ground. Opponent cannot attack.

Telekinesis: Offensive
Given he wears the Matatu, Stoax will be able to raise large slabs of the ground with the power of his mind then slam them down on the opponent. The amount of time he can hold it is limited though.

Parry: Defensive
Character uses pick to block incoming hits

Tomarang (combination of tomahawk and boomerang): Offensive
Character hurls Giga Pick in tomahawk like fashion, hitting chosen opponent(s). Weapon then returns in boomerang fashion

Plasma streak: Offensive
Via the Giga Pick, Stoax can build up energy over time. Once enough energy is stored, the axe is swung and several waves of energy are released (kinda like the Egg Emperor in Sonic Heroes)

Boulder to da face: Offensive
Using stone powers, Stoax will collect a mass of rocks to form a massive boulder. Stoax will then toss it in the air, jump, and kick the boulder soccer style.

You're pretty good: Offensive
Stoax will say the famous Revolver Ocelot quote and do the hand gesture. While doing so, 12 shots will be fired from his hands.

Theme: Prelude from Red vs Blue

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My character would be weak and anybody who picked him would be a scrub.


I build MOCs and i make them fight for me.



How fights against me will go in a Nutshell


I've always wanted to program a video game, but since I kind of suck at drawing and pixel art, I only came up with mechanics in my head. It would be awesome to help program something like what you suggested.

My character would have metal control powers (to create various small to medium sized weapons) enhanced by bursts of electrical attacks.

Height: Average

Speed: Fast
Because you gotta go fast

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Height: Matoran Height
Upward special: shoots upward with cutlass drawn
Down special: takes a light stone out of his satchel and it shines stunning anyone in it's aura
Side special: Rolls to the side then strikes out with his cutlass
Neutral special: pulls out his journal and writes something in it regaining a small amount of health.
Dash attack: Dashes forward and strikes with his cutlass.
Taunt: takes a sip from a cup of tea.
Regular attacks are various stabs and slashes.
Theme: something similar to nate's theme from Uncharted2

Sorry, I'm more of a 2D game dev...not even really, I haven't done that much. Game design? Concept? Maybe.

But I like this idea. If people on the Boards had characters that'd be a massive roster.

My character would be my self-MOC, Ghar. I would like to have Mortal Kombat's controls, but that's a lot of combos to make up, and I don't have the time. I'm going to go with @Gwideon's Smash moves list instead:
Height: Medium-Tall, slightly larger than a Toa
Up Special: Rocket jump w/explosive Quakebow bolt
Down Special: Temporary attack boost (Pakari)
Side Special: Flip kick forward + earth shockwave
Neutral Special: Shoots Quakebow
Dash Attack: 360 Kick
Taunt: Quake appears next to him while he flips and loads a Quakebow bolt
Regular Attacks: Punches and kicks amplified with earth power and bashing with Quakebow
Grab Throws: Shoots with Quakebow
Theme: Crossing Field by LiSA

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MUGEN and Sprites

That's all we need
And we're set

actually probably not but I can dream