A Very Serious Topic

As I near the age of having to go to college, I often think of something. Nowadays, there are really only two types of jobs; highly specialized jobs, and unspecialized jobs. By this, I mean jobs that require going to school for a specific topic (i.e. being a surgeon or architectural designer) and jobs that just require hard work (i.e. builders or firefighters). The course I am currently on (Prep School, etc.) points me towards having very specialized carrier options when I leave college. Which can be an issue. There are a lot less specialized jobs then there are specialized workers. However, there are an endless amount of unspecialized jobs. With the role of technology/computers/robots taking up a lot of the 'middle' sorts of jobs, there is a much larger gap between being specialized and not. And honestly, it is frightening.

(Yes, I saw CGPGray's video)

What are your thoughts on this? I am interested to hear.


Can you link me to CGPGray's video?
I want to see this.

I might sound kinda lazy for this, bit I have no clue what I want to do in terms of jobs, and If I'm slightly interested it requires a stupid amount of time,energy, and money. By the time I'd be done with whatever training, I'd be broke and old. that's kind of a turn off for me there.


I am now into process of making my hobby become my job.
This is pretty important to me to have satisfaction of what I do, and it is nice when it could give you money to live.
So, if yo have any specific talent, love for something, just try to realize it, it might work.
And if you don't know what to choose in college or university, try to choose speciality that would be useful in your future life in almost anyway.

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He sorta discusses it here.

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The only thing I got out of the video is that:

So when the robots are taking our jobs.
There be less human jobs left.

My plan is to go into some sort of creative field that robots can't take over. Of course, getting into such fields is often nigh-impossible. =/

And suddenly I'm happy that I'm going into a history major.

...the robots can't take over history, right? worried


I'm going into film, which is one of my my hobbies, right now i'm training to be a Video Editor, but in my next college I'm going to focus on 2Dimensional animation.

I also want to study Geology and Linguistics eventually, but that's something I can do later on down the road.

Hopefully Robots won't be able to be Directors...

My plan in this case is to assimilate myself into the mechanical systems and rule the technocracy.

Umm, I'm gonna try and become a teacher, for English of History for what it's worth, but uh, I do understand the slim chances and how worrying it is.

We'll see what happens, I guess.


While my personal interests tend toward writing, I've decided to pursue an education and career in Economics, which is also rather interesting to me.

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I still have no idea what I'm going to do for a living, but this is something for me to think about too.

I'm going into I.T. so I'll be able to hack and splice our robotic overlords, so that I may one day reign supreme!

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Just sayin, this guy is great.