A War of Fireworks (Gundam poem?)

Dots of green and white sped through the endless void as it was filled with a show of magnificent fireworks, those in the dots waving their hands furiously, the brilliant and mindless conductors who orchestrated this show. Screams of despair and joy echoed throughout the soundless void of space as the show continued indefinitely. From the ground of earth, the audience cheered and booed, all with different ideas of how this show must be conducted. As the fireworks grew larger, a metal cylinder not unlike an enormous aluminum can burst as well, one of several redundant effects to this infinite performance. The cheer of the audience seemed to swap, very much polarized by what their eyes witnessed in a blind gray. Finally came the epic climax, as a comet of red and bullet of white circumvented each other into a massive spiral at identical speeds, neither exceeding the other. These two beams of light would forever be caught in a cycle, the infinity of never being better than the other, but always trying regardless.

Explanation of what this is:
This paragraph depicts a clash between the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation from Mobile Suit Gundam, the dots representing Mobile Suits (mecha) and the metal cylinder representing a space colony, many of which were destroyed in the One Year War. The “conductors” as I called them are the pilots of Mobile Suits, and the audience the average population hurt by the war. The bullet and the comet were the RX-78 and Char Zaku, two significant Mobile Suits from the series that frequently clashed, both of which almost never gained an upper hand over each other.


Somewhat I was able to grasp most of this thing, despite not being an avid Gundam fan. Needless to say, it’s not exactly a poem… I would say it’s more of a mixture of several lyrical styles.

Yeah, hence the question mark in the title. Frankly, I have no idea what literary genre this belongs to.