Here is a work in progress, and a work not so much in progress anymore, but still in progress

That was the WIP, and here’s the WNSMIPABSIP

So, the WIP is a continuation of the thing I did a year or so back, but I finally got around to working on it. I didn’t think it was creating an entire new topic for, so I added this thing that I made a while ago to it.

This thing was supposed to be like those diggers that were in the blue people Avatar (that’s just what I call it) or something… I dunno, I saw onua master’s claws and was like, “hey… I could do something here.” So I did half something.

If anyone wants to see the original thing of the WIP, you can find it here


Good lord how many Beast jaws do you have?

I like the aesthetic of it though.


Looks pretty good! I am a bit iffy on the colors, but I am sure that is just the WIP-ness of it.

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13 (I’ve gotten many donations from family members no longer interested in bionicle since they cancelled)

I do intend to fix some of the colors, but I suppose you’re also referring to the light gray thingies attaching the beast jaws to the body.
I can’t fix that, as I had a bricklink order for those and I don’t have nearly enough black ones.

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Pretty creative usage of the Shadow Traps and Beast jaws. The design itself looks great so far, visually.

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This is amazing!

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Danke, but I have no idea what to do from here.
If anyone has any suggestions to what I could do for the back and arm connections, that’d be greatly appreciated.


Can I just say I love this?

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I really like where this appears to be going.

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Probably give it some kind of tail and make it a snake.

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Woah, woah, woah! You can’t expect to make a MOC that good and NOT get some sort of fee! C’mon, you’re making us look bad!

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Oooh interesting texture with those beast jaws! Good job

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This looks great. Wish there was some way to hide all those gray technic connectors to help the illusion though. It’s a shame lego only released those jaws in gunmetal, they’re useful decoration pieces.

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Looks really good! :smiley:
Where the first jaw is, there’s a weird gap.

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Uuh, no. Where in this moc topic did I EVER say you could talk /s


Huh. Maybe.

You should see the stuff other people make, bub.


Yeh. I ordered them off bricklink along with the jaws, but I couldn’t get the black ones. Everyone knows the blacks are better than the whites.


Aight so people, I’m probably not gonna finish this moc for a while, if ever. I’ve started a different moc, and with help from the 3pro @TolerantAxe97 hopefully it’ll turn out pretty good.