A word about Meme Replies

The keyword here is repeat. If a person continues to do it after the first instance.


This is why I don't comment very often, it feels very short or too similar to a previous post.
I have a difficult time holding my meme comment, however I tend to post it when it's related to a topic from a thought or experience.


While I understand the issue, I do think that images can really sum up thoughts if used correctly. However, I understand the reason behind this.


What about memes/gifs/videos in addition to words and such?

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I redirect you to my comment above.

But I don't mean something like that.

I mean if you use some reaction thing, then also post words about something else...

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Well I suck at explaining then, thats what I was trying to ask.
I think Eljay's response still fits.

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I suppose it might, though an official response would be nice...

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so doing this is banned?

"No spamming"


This is one of those rules that I don't mind being in place, and understand the reason of, but could probly live without and hardly notice. In the end, it's probly better that it's here than not, but I've never seen it as a massive issue. I approve, not that you need anyone's approval, but I think it can only be for the better.


RIP in Poise @Looch...
Anyway, the reasoning behind this rule is good, as is anything that makes the Boards run faster XD. I just hope you guys won't be to extremely harsh about it. Sure, jokes and such don't really add to the discussion, but they can be really funny and honestly make the Boards a funner place to be.
I will clarify, I'm not in opposition to this rule at all. I'm just


That's the only thing I'm not sure about how I feel regarding this rule. Sure, the place is more formal and runs better, but the jokes (in my opinion) just make it more enjoyable.


You guys are cutting it a little too dry here. You have have a funny image in response to another post in your reply. But you also need to be adding to the discussion. We're not banning memes, we're just asking that you add to the discussion while you post your funny image or video.


We will not be changing our minds on this decision, sorry.

As per what Anaru said. Do what you want with the website, it belongs to you. I don't expect or desire a change of mind and it would be your choice to do so if you wanted

Honestly will be surprised if it lasts if the 403's aren't fixed soon though...

That being said, lying about its popularity just doesn't work here. It definitely is not 'only a small group' of individuals, especially considering that yourself and other members of staff not only found it hilarious but also participated. There's a difference between been exempt from the rules and just pretending that it wasn't happening with more than a small group. Its also worth noting that said responses by staff also were given likes because others found them humorous.

It very clearly added something to the discussion, otherwise it wouldn't have been used here by yourself. Yes its a new rule, however pretending it wasn't something popular or found funny by many is just nonsense as the reason for the rule is because it has clearly gotten to a stage where its popular enough to be an issue.

The whole point of having this rule is because of the abundance of people doing it, you cant then lie and claim that it was only a 'small group of individuals' doing it or finding it funny when the majority of the active users find it funny

Except a picture can sometimes say everything it needs to;

This picture here, supported by (once again) a majority of the active users on the Bionicle 2016 topic ends up explaining not only that Bionicle included dismemberment before, but by not actually saying words prevents a potential conflict from arising by simply showing the image rather than telling the other person they are incorrect or wasting time with text that a user may simply skip if they aren't interested or may misinterpret.

This will create very odd situations as others have mentioned - as people who would now originally responds with just a funny meme or image that expressed their thoughts will now either have to type out more (Which is often ignored if you have an image in the post anyway) or simply wont bother commenting as they just wanted to post something that others would enjoy or get a small laugh out of.

Such as if someone posted this MOC;

And someone else responded with;

The point is clear as crystal. Why would they then need to write a long comment explaining how the meme relates to the fact that the MOC has a long neck when the similarities between the two images tell enough of the story.

The nerves you hit are simple to explain, here is a list of them for reference;

Making this rule about people who find things funny;
In your comment you referred to those who find 'funny images' funny. You brought into the rule the idea of whether people find memes or things funny, and that had no place in the rule, so of course its now got retaliation as a result because whether people find it funny or not does not relate to the rule.

Lying about how often or popularised the idea of posting funny images is;
Then you also referred to that majority of very active and loyal fans as a small group, you belittled them for no real reason by saying a lie that is not an accurate representation of the events.

Admitting that it wont actually change the 403 issues with the boards;
The boards are virtually broken, members are leaving, ranks are being lost. Its takes hundreds of times to post a comment, like a post, etc.The PM that was originally for the most loyal and active of members has been closed and now a new rule has come up meaning that people who want to just post a quick joke that relates to the topic now need to spend longer typing up something that may weaken the appeal of trying to quickly post a meme. In essence. By admitting its not going to help the main issues that are threatening to lose the board members and instead is just adding another rule, it gives people another reason to leave as its a rule that adds more time to how long it already takes to post with the 403's RIP Looch

The simple truth that getting people to add more text with images wont actually help the boards;
The user is still posting the image regardless of whether they add text. Adding a bunch of text to a comment that originally was just going to contain an image is just going to take up more space on the boards. The only reason this situation would ever reduce the space taken up on the boards would be if you were to reduce amount of images posted, all this rule is doing is getting people to post images/videos/gif's with more text which will take up more space

Definitely not, every single time this has occurred there have been many members liking or commenting about the meme.


There are several topics that have been doing this for years that are actually the more visited topics on the boards. Topics such as 'look what I've got' or topics regarding sharing music you like, or topics devoted to varying YouTube personalities such as Jangbricks, or topics such as the varying podcast groups (Modcast) when they are posting a video and don't feel like writing a ton.

Sometimes its just simple truth that words aren't needed. A bunch of images of a MOC on a beach in a topic titled 'MOC's on the beach' wouldn't need each new image posted to have a lot of text to explain it. and surely adding words takes up more space than just the image on its own?

Please excuse typo's, 403 errors make it a pain to post.


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What an audacious claim. Lying about it? I hadn't realized you know Board statistics better than we do. It's fairly evident that people like posts based on who posted it, and not necessarily whether the person is right or wrong.

Your "example" image that shows me using an gif in response to a member is a really poor choice of image, since that was followed by text, and that was an administrative issue, not conversational. It did not add to the discussion at all.

There are two groups of people doing it. The small group that find it amusing, and the group of new users trying to fit in. Given that neither group are contributing enough to the discussion to merit the used data to cost ratio when they post these one image replies, it's considered spam. It slows down the boards. It reduces usability.

22 members is not the majority of active users in anything. And considering that's a post that was made in January, that is an incredibly poor example, as likes get added over time and is not a good representation of activity depending on the time it was posted.

Additionally, that's from Hero Factory, not Bionicle. Something that could have been clarified with text.

You're right, they will have to actually think about what they say and put some effort into contributing to a Discussion Board. It's a sad world when we have to communicate with words on the internet. The point to a Message Board is to discuss subjects. If you want to post funny meme images, there are other places for you, like image boards.

No, that is not making a point. It's wasting time and not actively contributing to the discussion of the subject. You aren't helping the MOCist at all, just poking fun by making a comparison. You are spamming unless you are giving your opinion and offering constructive criticism, which uses up too much data to make it worth having around.

How do you figure any of this? Do you have access to any of our statistics? No, you do not. You are making claims based on nothing, and then attempting to paint me as a liar. I do not know if you've noticed, but I'm kind of part of a group of people which made the site, and have given me access to our actual, factual statistics. You don't have that at all. Additionally, would you have rather I actually have lied to everyone? We're being incredibly transparent because we'd rather not mislead our member base. It will not solve the 403 issue, despite the fact we're actively working on it. However, it does solve a variety of other issues (including uploading images, load times, ability to post, etc) which will enhance the user experience. But I suppose you don't want that.

I repeat. What truth are you talking about, considering you have no access to any actual statistics? You are basing this on nothing in an attempt to instigate... Something? I have no idea what your goal is, but you're not doing a good job of it.

Another bad example, as it's an image including text, which is allowable.

It's evident you don't understand the issue, which is clear based on the fact you have to rely on not having any facts in order to make a wall of text to argue with staff, which seems to be the only thing you do here.

The two most common images posted here are MOCs and memes. One is a creation, and the other is sometimes a commentary on a situation. The issue is, this is a Discussion Board. The point is to have a discussion. You can discuss a MOC. You can not discuss a meme being used as a social 1-up. If you want to post funny pictures without adding to a discussion and using up data on a board which you aren't paying for and are thereby reducing the user experience of other board members, then I direct you to Discord or Skype.


I may be wrong, but don't our page views add to the amount of money made by advertisements?

I could be completely wrong about this, but is something I am curious about.


I'm considering following looch.
If the message boards keep going like this, it'll lose the fun it always had. Now, I worry that it's just gonna become super formal, and that's not what it should be. With G2 over, we bionicle fans need to be able to have a place to have fun and be ourselves with our fandom. I'm worried this rule will sap all the fun and banter we have here and drain the humor from everything. I do hope you reconsider this rule, and that memes will be allowed to an extent (if we also put stuff with it). However, for now, consider me a bit leery of these boards.
(and get rid of the stupid ****ing 403 error!)


... I'm not sure how you misinterpreted this entire thing. Memes are allowed. It's just one image/gif replies that aren't. Just make sure you're adding to the discussion.

... And? I'm not sure what you're trying to say here.