Abundance, the Abandoned One

As Pyke explored the multiverse with his companion Peridot, one inescapable fact became clear to him: The Maker had been making beings for eons… Almost everyone he came across had no memory of their time before the maker had left them scattered about the multiverse. And none had his unique ability to traverse the multiverse. During one of his journeys he and Peridot came across a being in a forest. At first glance they thought that it was overgrown and dead, but that idea was quickly abandoned when it lurched awake and began blasting fireballs at them. Pyke was able to keep it calm by standing at a distance and explaining who he was, a creation of the Maker looking for answers. This intrigued the being, who said that it was also a creation of the Maker. The being explained that it was a she, and that her name was Abundance. Abundance claimed that she had memories of the Maker, who she called cruel, and unforgiving. She also told Pyke that the Maker’s name was actually Genocide, She claimed that the maker had tried to kill her, leaving some of her memory lost. She had been abandoned on this jungle planet, left to die. However, using the wood of the forest and the parts of her that remained, she fashioned a partial body for herself, though legs were beyond her ability to make, leaving her stuck here in the forest, among the plants and trees. The news of the Maker startled Pyke, and he wasn’t sure he believed her, but he did feel bad for this woman. She begged Pyke and Peridot to take her with, so Pyke rigged up a pack so that Peridot could carry her, and the left, now a trio, searching for answers about the Maker.

So this is Abundance, the second companion to Pyke, who interestingly I finished before Peridot (she’s on the way soon). She’s supposed to look mechanical, but also sort of simple, due to being partly refashioned by herself. The inspiration for her is that I just really wanted to try a brown and white color scheme, and I was also somewhat inspired by that episode of Futurama where Bender downgrades himself. I’ve actually wound up really liking her, significantly more than I thought I would, which is why she’s now one of Pyke’s companions. And sorry about the long blurb before the pictures, I just thought she deserved some good backstory, since I have yet to tell much of the story I have for Pyke and his adventures.

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Its a plant man!

Looks awesome.