Accelerant- Part 1+2: Tahu's Story/The Breaking Point [Story, World-building, Plot]

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So Tahu’s story ended up being a lot longer than I first imagined, so I’m splitting it into two parts (mind you, I’m still writing the second part, so give me a few days to upload that).



The metal blades bounce off each other, sparks flying upon every impact. The small crowd cheers with excitement as the two warriors spar in the center of the old arena.
The blades lock, the two matoran stuck at an impasse.
One clenches with concentration, sweat building up underneath his golden mask, his teeth gritting as he blocks his rival’s attack.
The other matoran can barely contain his laughter, a huge smirk drawn behind his red mask.
“Oh come on, Jaller! Surely such a strong ruler like yourself can hold their own!” he mocks.
Jaller tries to push back, but his arms begin to weaken.
“Strength is… Not determined only by brute force, Narmoto.”
The blades draw closer to Jaller’s mask. Narmoto raises his eyebrows in amusement.
“Are you sure? It seems to be giving me the edge here!”
With a final push, Jaller falls on his back. Before he can get up, a blade points as his throat.
“Narmoto has won!” an audience member shouts. Soon the crowd of matoran are up in cheer, with the losers reluctantly clapping.
Narmoto gives a wave to the crowd as Jaller pulls himself to his feet. Narmoto turns back to him.
“Very good bout, Jaller. You just need to build up endurance to beat me in a deadlock.”
Jaller pants, trying to catch his breath, “Perhaps… but I don’t have to beat you with brute strength.”
“Tch. This again,” Narmoto scoffs, rolling his eyes. “One day you will realize that your “strategies” will cost you your life! On the battlefield, we must let the warrior within us decide our actions, and pave our way to victory!”
With their swords sheathed, the two rulers begins exiting the arena. They pass under the stone arches that lead to outside, passing the numerous carving honoring champions, heroes, and glatorians who served Mangaia.
“I’d rather decide my own fate,” Jaller retorts. “Those who don’t plan often will fail in the long run.”
Narmoto groans, “Oh for the love of Ikir, now you sound like that coward Norik; always talking making plans and considering “diplomacy”, yet never has the guts to hold a sword on the battlefield. Matoran like him, they makes me sick.”
Jaller frowns, glancing over at his hot-headed peer, “And matoran who are rash like you will be destined for their own demise, Narmoto.”
“Well so far,” Narmoto smirks, “I have yet to lose a fight. I have no need for “plans” or “negotiations”; I have me and my heart, and that’s all what my warriors and I need.”
They stop at a crossroad. Jaller pats his hand on Narmoto’s shoulder, and walks down a path.
“If you insist, Narmoto. But pray to Ikir that it isn’t sheer luck.”
Narmoto frowns, “Why do you say that?”
Jaller looks over his shoulder, then continues forward.
“Because the longer you hold off the inevitability of defeat, the worse of a fate you will endure.”

“I say we finish the job.”
The other rulers turn towards Narmoto, who is sitting in his seat with his arms crossed.
“We managed to push back the Vako to their hive, but they’re going to attack again sooner or later. Why wait for that time to pass?” 
“Because we don’t have time to waste able-body matoran on a hunt,” argues Jaller. “A number of warriors are injured, and we should be using our strength to reinforce our defensives.”
“I agree,” says Norik. “We should consider-”
“Pah, of course you agree,” snorts Narmoto.
One of the other rulers shakes his head, “Now is not the time for abrasive behavior, Ruler of Malum.”
Narmoto sharply stands up, slamming his palms onto the stone table.
“I don’t understand any of your reasoning! Is it not often said that the greatest defense is a strong offense!? Why wait to defeat these pests before they have a chance to rejuvenate their numbers!?”
Now Jaller stands up.
“Because we do not have warriors to spare, Narmoto! And the warriors we _do_ have should be used to strengthen our defenses-”
His blue eyes lock with Narmoto’s.
“_-not make them Vako-fodder!_”  
Before he can make a rebuttal, the leader of the council stands. 
“Let us put this to a vote,” says the Turaga. “Who amongst you will stand with Narmoto’s course of action?”
The council is silent. Narmoto sneers in annoyance.
“In favor of Jaller’s plan?” asks the Turaga.
The council raises their hands. The Turaga nods.
“The decision is made. We will use our available resources to ensure that the cities of Mangaia are protected. We expect everyone to do their part.”
The rulers glance at Narmoto.
“You lot…” snarls Narmoto, “are pathetic. Any true warrior of Mangaia would fight these creatures…”
He turns and exits the council room. 
Jaller shakes his head.
The Turaga sits back down, “It amazes me that someone so brash could have made it to a leadership role.”
Norik chuckles, “Well, he comes from Malum; almost everyone there is a hot-headed brute. I’m more surprised that the matoran with no control over fire made it this far.”

Hours later, a small ensemble of matoran stand on the slopes of an ash-covered mountain. They are armed with spears and swords, eyes glued to their leader.
“I don’t care what those cowards believe!” shouts Narmoto. “We are Mangaians of Malum! When something dares to threaten us, we will not stand by! We will make sure they will never again try to attack our homes!”
He raises his sword to the sky.
“Give me your swords!”
The warriors cheer as they thrust their weapons into the air.
And with a defiant roar, they march forward.

The Turaga looks over the stone tablet over and over again. He then peers up to Norik.
“… are you certain of this?”
Norik solemnly nods, “I have reliable informants; they have never given me false information.”
The Turaga sighs, letting the tablet fall out of his hand and sharply hit the table. He sits there quietly for a moment.
“I’m getting too old for this nonsense, Norik.”
The Turaga turns to the calculating ruler.
“Summon the rest of the council. And bring that ******* in.”

Narmoto is roughly shoved into the council room by some guards. They close the door behind him.
The fiery ruler whirls around, “How dare you lay your hands on me! I’ll make sure you-”
He slowly turns to the Turaga, who is standing with arms behind his back.
“Do you know why I called you here?” the old matoran asks sternly.
Narmoto walks towards them, “Hmm, maybe to give me a ‘thank you’ for dealing with the problem, right? Because if memory serves me right, I believe that mountain is-”
The Turaga pulls out the tablet and slides it across the table to Narmoto. The council watches them silently.
Narmoto eyes him before picking it up. Upon the tablet is one sentence;

The Ice King of Ihu was killed by a swarm of Vako.

Narmoto raises an eyebrow, “What does this have to do with me?”
“Wh-wh-WHAT?!” the Turaga sputters in dismay. “Are you stupid!? Because of your actions, King Matoro was killed!!”
The ruler of Malum scoffs, “What, and it’s my fault that he couldn’t fight against the Vako? And why do you all care so much; we’re not exactly friendly to those icy royals…”
Now Jaller stands up.
“And that is exactly why we are concerned. Because of your rash judgement, you have pushed Mangaia into danger.”
Narmoto cocks his head in confusion, “Danger?”
Norik chuckles, “My, you really are thick, Malum warrior.”
“Why you-”
“Narmoto. Let him speak,” Jaller commands. Narmoto goes into a silent fume.
Norik stands up, a coy smile drawing upon his face.
“Mangaia and Ihu have always been at odds; it’s simply the nature of our elements. However, we have maintained peace between the two regions; despite our bickering and name-calling, we don’t see each other as threats.”
He frowns.
“But now, it has changed. While you may have removed the Vako threat from our home, you sent them to Ihu instead. And by doing that, the Ice King was killed defending his kingdom; a devastating blow to Ihu.”
He leans in towards Narmoto.
“Unlike you, Ihuians are not stupid. They know the Vako come from here, and don’t rampage into their region unless something else makes them. They’ll put two and two together, and we’ll be heading towards a war.”
“If we haven’t already,” mutters the Turaga.
“Because of your selfish actions, you’ve endangered the people of Mangaia!” interrupts one of the rulers. Suddenly, everyone begins yelling at Narmoto, who swears and shouts in an attempt to defend himself. Fists bang on the table, eyes burns with a furious flame-
Everyone goes silent as Jaller folds his arms in front of him.
“For disobeying the orders of the council, and by endangering the lives of both Mangaia and Ihu, I propose that Narmoto be banished via omission; all of his known deeds and victories will be erased from public record, he will revoke his title as Ruler of Malum, and no one will converse with him unless it is of highest importance.”
The council members murmur to themselves. Narmoto snarls and clenches his fists.
“I’m going to break that stupid golden mask of yours, Jaller.”
The Ruler of Ahi ignores him.
The Turaga clasps his hands together.
“Let us vote.”
A few minutes later, guards drag Narmoto out of the council room; the former ruler screaming and vowing revenge. The council watches with a mixture of annoyance and disappointment.
As the doors are about to close, Jaller and Narmoto eyes lock onto one another. Jaller’s eyes are a crystal sea of clarity, while Narmoto’s is a turbulence of fury.
“The longer you hold off the inevitability of defeat, the worse of a fate you will endure.”
The words burn into both of their skulls as the doors cut off their bound glares.

Narmoto couldn’t take it anymore.
After months of enduring the silence, the newfound poverty, the loneliness; he decided it was his time to leave.
Without a single farewell, he left the gates into Malum and heads to the rocky mountains. 
He scales the pointed rocks, earning a number of dents and cuts climbing the sharp obsidian points. However, the fire that burns within him drives his body forward, the pain he sustains from his climb fading away.
Suddenly something strange occurs.
A beam of light descends from the ash sky, crashing into a mountain in the distance. The earth shakes beneath him upon the beam’s impact.
“What the-?”
An unearthly sound rips through the air, as if the world was being torn apart; accompanying the loud and gritting reverberations is a sharp clicking sound, as if a clock was slowing down.
The orange-yellow glows of the lava flows begin to turn to a muted gray color, the embers slowing their descent until they froze in their place.
Narmoto’s body begins to tense up, as his body turns a grayish tone.
Thoughts slow down…

Blackness surrounds around him…

Then, there’s a light.

A crimson bird with wings of fire soars towards him. With a screech, it plunges into him.
As the phoenix crashes into his frame, it erupts into flames that coat Narmoto’s body.
The blackness disappears, and Narmoto’s body is released.
He screams in pain as his plating begins to melt. Red molten metal drips from his mask as an overwhelming heat surges through his body. Flames erupt from in between his platings, the ground below his feet turning to magma.


Narmoto’s body explodes; plating and pieces of metal flying off into different directions. Yet, standing in his place is a new figure; bright red armor, glowing blue energy coursing over his body, flames swaying around his form. 

Tahu opens his eyes, the crystal gems surveying around him.
He looks down at his hands, studying his new form.
Cautiously, he extends an arm forward, point at a nearby boulder. Fire begins circling around his hand in some strange dance. He stares in awe, before thrusting his arm forward. The fire forms a ball and launches towards the boulder. The fireball shatters the large rock, scattering the debris.
Tahu pulls his arm back, staring at flames in his hand.

_What’s happened to me?_

Tahu’s blue eyes glare daggers at the yellow eyes impassively staring at him.
Well, eye; he wasn’t sure if the telescope lens counted as an eye or not.
I’m the leader of this Toa team, Kopaka,” he says sternly.
“Saying you are doesn’t make it a reality, Tahu,” comes Kopaka’s cold reply. “Before I became a Toa, I was a prince in line for the Ihuian throne. I believe I am more qualified than you to lead this team.”
“Yeah, sure,” Tahu scoffs. “A pompous prince has no idea of how to lead others. I was Narmoto, the Leader and Commander of the forces of Malum; I have never lost a fight.”
Kopaka folds his arms, “And I was Izotor, son of the Ice King Matoro, who trained me to be just as a good leader as him.”
Tahu tenses up.
Oh. He’s the son.
Tahu puts up a bravado, “Good leaders do not get killed in battle.”
Kopaka frowns.
“Good leaders aren’t people who gloat their victories. Good leaders are those who inspire others, who put the needs of others before themselves.”
The lumbering Onua steps forward in between the two.
“Now, now; do I have to treat you two as I did my students?” he chuckles.
“No, I’ve lost interest in debating this matter,” the Ice Toa coldly responds. “However, if the Mangaian ruler is going to lead the team, perhaps Tahu should take some notes from real leaders.”
Kopaka turns heel and walks away. Onua sighs, before slowly following him.
Tahu’s heart is racing.
I can’t tell him. He can’t find out it was me.
“You seem trouble-minded.”
Tahu jumps a little, before turning around. Lewa stands there, concern on her face.
“It’s nothing; just determining what our course of action should be.”
She raises an eyebrow in skepticism. He returns the look.
“What? I said I’m fine.” he growls.
“… If you say so, firespitter.”

Turahk wheezes in pain on the steps of the temple as the Toa walk past him.
Tahu looks down at the Mask of Time, the golden object bending reality itself around it. 
“Now, my fellow Toa, it is time to free this island from these terrible creatures’ reign.”
He slowly places the mask upon his face. The other Toa focus their energy onto his being.
His vision goes black for a moment.
Slowly, glowing strings of white appear in front of him. As he looks closer at them, he can see images of the island, matoran, and even themselves. 
“This is our timeline,” he muses. 
Looking to the left, he sees different scenes; older Toa sealing a vault with golden masks, a grimacing skull-faced leviathan in the depths of the sea, even Narmoto fighting Jaller in an arena.
To the right he sees fewer scenes. The island unfrozen, the Toa finding golden masks, and-
Tahu squints, trying to make out an image. All he can see is two figures with blades fighting in a raging storm.
He then looks forward.
There are three crystalline structures ascending above him; the bottom is a faded blue gem with smooth edges. The second is a violet amethyst, slowly pulsing with energy. The last is a green fluorite crystal, the insides containing a shifting cosmos.
Following the crystals upwards, they end at a large, red mass; an amorphous substance that moves like a liquid. Something in Tahu’s mind begins to hurt, and he forces himself to look away from it. 
He turns back to the white string in front of him. Hesitantly, he touches the white line.
Suddenly, enormous pressure weighs down onto Tahu’s body. Clenching his teeth, he tries sliding his hand to the right.
The white line slowly transforms to a blue-ish color and the images and scenes begin to move once more. The violet crystal glows brightly.
He pulls his hand away, his head spinning and hands trembling.
“I… I did it!” Tahu yells. “G-Get the mask off me!”
The blackness fades away as he feels tugs on the side of his face.
Suddenly, there’s a bright light.

Tahu stumbles a bit and looks around. Gali is holding the Mask of Time, Onua is holding Tahu’s body upright, and the rest are watching with awe and concern.
The temple around them is now colored, with the birds chirping in the distance and the wind blowing through the cracks of the walls. 
Kopaka walks up to him, and holds up his fist.
“I was wrong; you’re not too bad, _bróðir,_” he says quietly, an elusive grin on his face. “You saved the island.”
Tahu returns with a genuine smile, “No… _we_ saved the island. I wouldn’t have defeated the Rahkshi and made it here without the rest of you.”
Tahu clanks his fist with Kopaka’s.
“Thank you, brother.”


It's a few days later.
A Mangaian guard watches as a red figure walks to the city’s gate. The figure holds a golden mask in his hand.
“Halt!” the guard calls out. “This is the city of Ahi; what is your business here?”
Tahu looks up at the guard, determination in his eyes.
“I seek Jaller, Ruler of Ahi!”


*"Roundabout" starts playing*
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Stay Tuned.


I really like how big of a jerk Narmoto is in this. It really does fit with the G1 Tahu


This is amaizing story telling! I am really glad you’ve joined the boards, you really give the Toa unique and greatly fleshed-out characters!
I learned a great deal from you and I hope you keep doing these even after you finish the Toa short stories!


(Turns out this story is so long I couldn’t add Part 2 to the original post :kissing: )

PART 2: The Breaking Point

The gates of Ahi slowly open, the huge metal doors creaking and gears whining in protest. A trio of guards stand at the open gate, awaiting the arriving figure.
“Who are you, warrior? And why do you seek audience with our city’s ruler?”
Tahu holds his golden mask under his arm.
“I am Tahu, Toa of Fire. I must speak with Jaller immediately.”
The matoran stare him for a bit. Then they start snickering.
“Haha, ok big-shot. What’s your real name?”
Tahu rolls his eyes.
I guess I have to show them.
He aims his hand towards the sky.
Fire erupts from his palm, morphing into a huge fireball. He then launches it into the sky, where it explodes into a rain of embers.
Tahu steps forward, his body now emitting flames around him.
“I am Tahu, the Toa of Fire, the Warrior of Ikir!” yells Tahu. “And I have come to meet with the Ruler of Ahi on urgent business!”
The trio of matoran are both awestruck and terrified. Their eyes flip between looking at the raining embers and the opposing figure.
“I… I can feel the power!!” one of them cries, running away. His peers follow suit, dropping their weapons and scurrying off into their barracks.
The flames on Tahu die away as another figure approaches.
“If you’re threatening my guards, then Toa or not; I will strike you down,” barks Jaller.
Tahu can’t help but give a grin.
“Hello, Jaller. It’s been a while.”
The ruler eyes him carefully. Then realization dawns on his face.
“… No way. Narmoto, is that you?”
Tahu’s grin gets wider. Jaller’s mouth goes agap.
“But, but how?! Why?!” he stammers. “Why the heck would Ikir choose you to be the Toa of Fire!?”
Tahu laughs, “They say that the gods behave in mysterious ways.”
“I guess so!” complains Jaller. “Now then… uh, Tahu, I guess? Why did you need to see me so urgently?”
Tahu becomes serious, a frown replacing his smile.
“Things have happened that you and the council need to be caught up on. Very important things.”
“I’ll have someone summon the others,” says the Ahi Ruler. “But first, tell me everything.”
The two figures walk towards the large keep in the center of the city.

From atop a nearby cliffside, purple eyes study the two red figures as they make their way up the steps. The cloaked being turns to the creatures behind him; A large, white monster, and a smaller, green, snake creature.
“SHALL WE GO?” Kurahk growls, claws twitching in anticipation.
“Patience, Kurahk. Let’s see how things play out.”
Lerahk twirls his poison-tipped blades in his hand idly.
What do you want us to do in the meantime, Overseer?
Makuta turns to him, arms folded behind his back.
“At this time, stay in hiding; let them believe the Rahkshi are defeated. The matoran have no idea of what transpired in the frozen time; skepticism is to be expected. And now that the Toa have found the Golden Masks of Power, tensions will rise when they use them as intended.”
He turns back to where Tahu and Jaller are walking, about to reach the fortress’ door. He looks down upon them, as one observes a lab experiment.
“The tension between Mangaia and Ihu has not lessened since the Ice King’s demise; your actions here, along with my work in Ihu, will initiate the descent into war. Alliances will be strained, friendships challenged, and the unity of the Toa will be broken.”
Makuta pulls out a small sliver of a blue crystal. He offers it to Kurahk.
“Long ago, my foolish brother created large guardians that served underneath us. A small dose of that power remains in this shard; it will allow you better control over your element, allowing you to bring devastation in your wake.”
Kurahk grabs it, staring at it. He tries to eat it but Makuta holds back his claw.
“Patience. And you’re not supposed to eat it.”
Makuta turns to Lerahk.
“The Rahkshi will all receive these gifts, when it is time to strike once more,” the Overseer assures. He retreats into the shadows of the mountain.
“I must head to Ihu; do not fail me,” he says, the purple eyes glowing ominously from the darkness.

A day later, the council of Mangaian rulers sit around the stone table as Tahu stands before him.
Norik’s seat is noticeably empty.
The Turaga sits, with his hands clasped in front him. His gaze is blank, with his mind trying to process everything the Toa has told him.
After a long moment he looks up at Tahu.
“So… let me see if I understand this, Toa.”
Tahu nods.
“A group of creatures called Rahkshi used the Mask of Time, an artifact only spoken in legend, to freeze the island.”
“Yes,” Tahu affirms.
“And then,” the Turaga continues, “you and five other matoran from different regions became the Toa. Your previous identity was Narmoto.”
“... that is correct.”
There are some quiet scowls between rulers.
The Turaga sighs, “But, you and the others reclaimed the Mask of Time, defeated the Rahkshi, and freed the island.”
Tahu nods his head.
The Turaga leans back in his chair. The other rulers watch him closely.
“Where is the Mask of Time now?” he asks.
“It shattered again after use; I don’t know where the pieces went.”
Mumbles of concern.
“And these Rahkshi; is it possible for them to return?” questions the Turaga.
Tahu scoffs, “I believe the Toa have displayed our strength; if they try something again, we will have no problem defending the island.”
The Turaga goes silent, his brow furrowed in concentration.
“If I may ask, the golden mask you carry; what is it for?” inquires one of the rulers.
Tahu peers down to the mask dangling from his belt.
“We found these upon unfreezing the island in the temple; I’m not sure of what they are for yet.”
The Turaga now stands, eyeing Tahu.
“I do not doubt your story; obviously you are a Toa, and I’d believe in these creatures and masks you speak of. However, the matoran you used to be had done an unforgivable deed out of selfishness; who is to say that Tahu is any different from Narmoto?”
A determined look appears in Tahu’s blue eyes.
“I am aware of my mistakes in the past; but I am the leader of the Toa who protect the island; I have earned their trust and respect. I’m no longer Narmoto, the egotistical ruler of Malum.”
The Turaga goes silent again. Finally he nods his head.
“So be it. For right now, you can take residence in Ahi. However, we must still decide if your loyalty is to Mangaia, or your fellow Toa. Narmoto did great harm to our nation; we will not tolerate another disaster by your hand. Understood?”
Anger briefly swells in Tahu, but he pushes it down.
“Understood, Turaga.”
The rulers stand up, and proceed to exit the room. Tahu watches them go, the flames within him dying away. The room is soon empty save for him.
And Jaller.
“Is there something you want to discuss, Jaller?” Tahu asks.
Jaller stands up from his chair, not looking at Tahu.
“Just want a private chat. Walk with me?”

The two figures walk down an alleyway, heading to the front gates.
“So,” Tahu prompts, “what is it?”
“I know what that golden mask is for.”
Tahu’s eyes widen in surprise.
Jaller gives him a stern look, “Be quiet! It’s not something to bring up so lightly.”
Tahu crosses his arms, “Fine. Now tell me what you know.”
Jaller looks down the alleyway, making sure they’re alone. Then he leans in close to Tahu.
“A long time ago, it was said that there were masks of power that were utilized by the matoran. Strength, speed, shielding; multiple abilities that were used for economic, social… and political reasons.”
Tahu nods, “Yes, I think I remember hearing something about this once.”
“But,” Jaller continues, “matoran misused these masks; deadly battles would break out, masks even could become corrupted. So, the Toa of that era confiscated the masks and sealed them away, believing the matoran were unable to responsibly use their powers.”
Jaller points to the golden mask.
“But, I think I know where the vault is. And think what you have there is the key.”
Tahu takes a step back, arms raised.
“Hang on a moment; you want me to open the vault? Weren’t these masks bad?” the Fire Toa questions.
“They’re bad if used irresponsibly,” argues Jaller. “I propose we only give them to our standing armies.”
Tahu frowns, “What, do you think our armies our weak? I have returned as the Toa of Fire; plus Mangaians can handle themselves without-”
Jaller step in, mask getting close to Tahu’s face.
“We need every strength we can if the Ihuians decide to strike. And I already know I cannot put my faith into you.”
“Excuse me?” Tahu growls.
Jaller gives a harsh laugh, “Oh come on, Tahu! You think I’m going to believe you’d side with us over your Toa team? Get real; you’re still angry because we had to discipline your _insufferable ego!_”
Tahu’s fists clench.
“I told you I’ve-”
“You’ve changed!? HA! You dare spit that garbage at me!? All you’ve done so far is brag how you and your team “saved the day”; a saving that _no one else can remember!!”_
Jaller is shouting now. Some of the matoran on the walls turn their heads towards the disturbance.
“Face it; you’re still the brash hot-head that ruined our nation, but now with a fresh coat of paint!”
Jaller extends his arms out to the side, venom laced into his voice.
“You know what I believe?! That Ikir made a _mistake._”
Tahu’s fist begins to blaze.
“I bet,” Jaller sneers, “_that the power of the Toa was supposed to go to ME-_”
Tahu roars, his fiery fist lunging forward. It impacts sharply against Jaller’s mask, which becomes crooked upon the Ahi ruler’s face. Jaller tumbles back, and lays still on the floor.
Tahu snaps from his rage and feels a weight drop within him.
_I just knocked out Jaller._
_I just knocked out the Ruler of Ahi._ 
_...This is bad._
A pair of guards on the wall watch the scene unfold.
“Should we do something?” one of them asks.
The other guard waves him off, “Nah, it’s seems like they’re just dealing with something personal. It’d be best to leave it be.”
The look back the barren field before the city gate.
“Eh, you’re probably right. Heh, relationships, am I right?”
The pair of them chuckle, and resume their post.

**“It is time.”**

About 200 yards away from the gates, a white object appears.
One of the guards squints his eyes, “Hey, do you see that thing over there?”
The other follows his partner’s gaze. He narrows his eyes, tentatively grabbing his polearm.
“It looks like an Ihuian… but he’s a big one. Weird mask too.”

Kurahk steps out from behind the rock, clutching the blue shard in his hand. He glares at the metal gates of Ahi.

**“Go forth, my Behemoth of Anger.”**

With a roar, Kurahk plunges the shard into his chest. Blue lightning travels across his body, the crystal shining brightly within the heartlight. His claws dig into the earth, his spines and fur raised.

**“Go forth… _Kurahk-Kal”_**

A shockwave rocks the walls of Ahi, with a blast of mist and sleet exploding from the Rahkshi’s position. The matoran on the wall shield themselves as the frozen wind rushes past them. Frost begins forming on their arms as they try to block the explosion.
“What the heck was that!?” one of them shouts.
As the winds die down, some manage to peek through their ice-coated masks to see what caused the sudden gusts of sleet.
Where Kurahk once stood now towers a large creature of ice; massive forearms and claws made of a gunmetal steel, icicle-like spines wavering in the remaining winds, and bright, shining blue eyes planted in a skull-like head with curled horns reaching beneath his jaw. With a body like that of a gorilla, his pillar-like arms prop up the large torso, creating an intimidating stance.
Tahu, with the little frost that landed on him turning to steam, rushes up the courtyard behind the doors.
“Guardsmen! What do you see!?” he bellows.
The matoran watch in horror as Kurahk-Kal digs his claws into the earth, crouching himself down into a tense stance.
With a glint in his eyes, the behemoth springs forward.
“IT’S CHARGING!!” the guards cry, “DEFEND THE GATE!!”
The Mangaians on the wall pull out their projectile launchers and begin firing molten blasts at Kurahk-Kal. The charging beast dodges a few of the shots, but the ones that land have little effect. 
The volley of molten bolts quickly diminishes.
The leader of the wall guards holds up his sword, “Don’t let up, warriors! We will not let this monster of Ihu enter our…”
Looking around, he sees his fellow guardsmen dead on the floor. Before he can speak, a poisoned blade impales his heartlight. As he silently fails to the floor, Lerahk slithers his entire body onto the wall. He turns to see Kurahk-Kal quickly approaching the wall.
“_I’ve taken them down; go ahead,_” he mental urges his peer.
With a roar, the ice monster brings his giant forearms in front of him like a shield, and begins a faster sprint. 
Lerahk turns to see the Toa of Fire down below, rage in his eyes.
“How dare you slay my brothers!?” Tahu yells. “Come down here and face me, you coward!!”
The snake emits something akin to a chuckle.

In the fraction of a second, Tahu sees the metal doors bend.

The next moment, they fly off their strong hinges and soar into the city; one crashes into the barracks while the other flips and topples down a pathway until embedding itself into some poor Mangaian’s home. Tahu is tossed back by the force of the impacts, bouncing off the side of a building. 
Kurahk-Kal’s claws dig into the earth, flinging debris and rubble everywhere. His massive body slowly comes to a halt as the courtyard is torn up by his metal grasp. Steam radiates off from his contact to the hot Mangaian soil; yet his body remains in form. 
Tahu slowly pulls himself to his feet, drawing his sword. It ignites with a fierce flame, akin to the ones in the Fire Toa’s eyes. 
“... You’ve gotten an upgrade since we last fought, beast,” Tahu pants, “but you will fall once again.”
He tightly graps his toward and aims the point at the Rahkshi-Kal.
“And this time; you won’t get back up.”
A torrent of flame expels from the blade, engulfing the behemoth in flame. An bright orange light radiates from the flames, smothering the city. Nearby signs and doors catch on fire, the remains of the door hinges beginning to glow with heat.
With one final push, Tahu ceases the flame.
Through the immense amount of steam, Tahu can see the metal claws glow from the heat.

Kurahk-Kal stands unaffected.

For the first time in Tahu’s life, he feels defeated.

“... What-?”
His arm and face are suddenly in enormous pain. With a gasp, he collapses to his knee, grabbing his arm. Looking down, he sees a green liquid drip from his cut. 
Lerahk slithers past the fallen Toa and climbs upon his monstrous ally. Next to Kurahk-Kal’s head, he points to a building in the distance. The beast growls in understanding, and grabs hold of a large piece of debris. He positions himself, aims, and hurls the rock over the nearby  buildings. It soars in the air until it collides with a stone tower. The boulder tears through the building, which immediately crumbles and falls into the streets. Matoran screams can be heard from the ruined gates.
Satisfied, the two Rahkshi turn and begin to head for the breached wall.
The Toa of Fire stumbles, trying to reach them.
“Where do you… think you’re… going!?” he manages to sputter before he falls to the floor again.
Lerahk slithers partway down the behemoth’s back and forces through his reptilian mouth;

_“Iccce… king… sendsss… regardsss.”_

Tahu freezes.
“What… what did you…? 
The sons of Makuta pay no heed to him as Kurahk-Kal begins to gallop away on all fours, Lerahk riding on his back. The Rahkshi run into the mountains, and disappear from sight.

Tahu’s vision fades away to black, the sounds of fire and screams drifting into nothingness. 

It is a week later.

The council listens to the reports of Jaller and the few who survived the assault.

The Turaga clenches his fists.
“Had I known the Ihuians had such a weapon at the disposal, I would’ve sent my armies over there immediately!”
“And the reports of a ‘green snake’; an ally from Tiro?” one ruler ponders.
The council sits tensely, their bodies rigid from their hidden fury.
“So… what will you do now, “Toa of Fire?”
Tahu sits in silence on the opposite side of the table. The Turaga glares at him.
“You say these attackers are the “Rahkshi”; yet the message they bring is to attempt to kill the Ruler of Ahi via boulder, and that the “Ice King sends his regards,” the Turaga spits. “You assured us that you could defend Mangaia without aid, and yet many good warriors are dead and you yourself are battered.”
Tahu is silent.
“Jaller tells us the possible purpose for that golden mask you brought could unlock a great asset to us if-”
Tahu shakes his head.
“The masks… were locked away by the past Toa; it has to be for good reason.”
The Turaga gives a sarcastic laugh, “Oh my apologies, I forgot; the Toa are honorable heroes who believe in what’s best for the people they protect.”
The Turaga leans in, palms pressed flat on the table.
“Then tell me; why was I informed that your icy companion has permitted Ihuians to access these masks of power?”
Tahu’s eyes widen, slowly straightening himself up.
“Kopaka used his mask?”
The Turaga stands.
“The Ihuians are thirsting for our demise; they have access to their masks of power, and are allied with terrible creatures! It is time for you to do something right, Tahu! For Ikir’s sake, make the right choice!”
He holds out his hand.
“It is time you remember the warrior within you, and help your brothers of flame, your people.”

Something clicks inside Tahu.
The wounds glow a tint of green as he stands.
“… You’re right, Turaga. I’ve been blinded by this comradery that I’ve forgotten my heart is that of a warrior.”
He grabs the leader’s hand.
“I will atone for everything I’ve done; all the pain I have brought upon my people, I will make amends with ensuring that we never lose again.
The council stands, each member raising a sword in the air.
“For the glory of Mangaia!”
A fierce look of determination sweeps over Tahu’s face.”
“For the glory of Mangaia!!”

The Brotherhood of Makuta sit in a dark cave, illuminated only by a small amount of lightstones. Makuta sits upon a makeshift stone throne. Kurahk has returned to his normal body, now with the shard embedded into his heartlight.
“WE FAILED!” growls the ice beast in irritation. “THE RULER WASN’T IN HIS QUARTERS WHEN I THREW THE ROCK”
Lerahk bows his head in shame, “_I apologize, my lord. Please forgive us for our failure._”

A chuckle.

**“Failure? Oh not at all; I intended for the Ruler of Ahi to survive.”**
Lerahk and Kurahk eye each other in confusion.
Makuta idly observes his hands, **“Jaller was the ultimate deciding point.  Tahu broke the final straw on his word being of any value with him lashing out. The Mangaian rulers believe you two came from Ihu, and thanks to the “informant”, the council believes the Ihuians to be already armed with masks. In order to gain any hope of rejoining his people, he would have to comply to their demands.”**
He gazes to Lerahk.
**“Amongst other... factors.”**
The Overseer goes back to his hand.
**“Meanwhile, I’ve convinced Kopaka to search for the vault by the whim of his dead father. Soon the two most powerful nations will be at each others throats, with the other regions forced to take sides.”**
He stands himself up, the Rahkshi watching him intensely.
**“And once they’ve essentially broken each other, when all hopes and alliance and friendship has been crushed… The Rahkshi-Kal will ensure the Toa and matorans’ demise.”**

In my Google Doc, this thing is 16 pages long. 
But hey; I'm actually surprised I got so many story ideas for Tahu, along with some pitches for our Rahkshi friends :smiling_imp: 
Two more to go. Pohatu's will probably be short and sweet; then... _we get to the fun stuff._

Stay Tuned.

ayyy nice. The fact that Tahu’s story is the longest kinda reminds me of G2 tho (How Everything revolved around Tahu :frowning:) eh, not a big deal, just nitpicking.

Also, two stories to go? What’s the fun stuff? What’s with the Profile Thing?

Hype is on for Pohatu, seeing he’s the third best IMO.


Part 2 is probably better than Part 1, and I love it!


Again, not intentional that he ended up being the longest; ideas just came to mind and here we are, 16 pages later. It would’ve been even longer if I decided to add the fight with Kopaka and him accidentally murdering Onua’s family.

And yes, two stories. Think; who else hasn’t had their story yet?
The fun stuff comes with the last story in the collection, cause my favorite G3 characters are going to be in that story and I’m excited to write them.
Change in my profile pic has no correlation to anything; I just wanted Yoshikage Kira blowing up some poor sod with [Killer Queen].


Aha… I havent read Apotheosis yet but I’m guessing it wasn’t Gali’s Actual story.

With the profile pic… I have no Idea what you’re talking about.

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Wow, Tahu surely does love murdering his brothers’ families, doesn’t he?