Accepting Requests For Drawing Your Bionicles

We’re starting life drawing in art class next week, and since the weekend has just begun, I have time to draw bionicles, which kinda helps brushing up my life drawing. I will be accepting the first 3 Bionicles for this weekend, no more, as I don’t want to have to draw like 500 Bionicles

The rules I’m making myself follow through with:

Each request will take an hour to draw, I’ll time myself-in the exams it’ll be like this.

You can specify if you want it in pencil, black/blue pen or coloured. I’ll also draw a really detailed part of the Bionicle, which you can specify.

So if you can show me a photo or picture of who you want to be drawn, that’d be grand. Human-like Bionicles are preferred, but I’m happy to draw animals/monsters if requested; get me out of my comfort zone if possible.

So first 3 requests, I’ll draw for the weekend! =)


Could you please draw a photo of Meto (ill let you choose the Form) and Vanaru (primal version 2.0) Having their Final clash to defeat eachother in a Burning Forest (I’ll have it Black pen and coloured

dis guy. Any one of him you want, in any way you want :3

Do you mean I tone it with black pen or outline it with black pen and then colour it in? Also who is Meto and Vanaru?

EDIT: Nevermind, found them!


Nice Bionicle, might start drawing him after dinner-going to be interesting enough!

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Black outline then colour it in

Never tried that out before, but I’ll see how it goes!

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Thanks man, I hope to see what you’ll do with it :smiley:

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Would request my selfMOC but I’ll be different and request you draw Explorer. He’s a true automaton, and very sci-fi inspired. Most detailed part of him would probably be the plasma blade maker on his right arm. If you can color him that would be swell.

(Also if he could be on a spacey moon’s surface or something that would be perfect)

Wow, that one looks cool, tempted on using colours for that one!


I finished it, though I was stuck on my time limit and couldn’t do a close-up:

I really need to stop with my chicken scratch, it makes it really hard to tone/shade.


That is pretty fantastic looking. Nice art. :smile:


oh my god that is amazing.



Wow, thanks, glad you like it! :^)


Thanks a bunch! =)


I’d like a drawing of my character if I may. :no_mouth:

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that looks pretty nice man

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I’ll draw it next week, as I had said I’d be drawing the first 3 requests, though it does look really interesting.


Thanks, much appreciated!


Does mine count or no

I don’t understand?

EDIT: I’ll draw the next two requests by next weekend, I tried one of them, and being frank, it looked pretty awful. So I’ll start again when I get a free hour or two to draw. Thanks!