Cunning black demon, wielding the power of shapeshifting.

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The wings and everything from the waist down is great, the arms are sort of… meh. and that upper torso. I’m sorry, but it looks like you tried to use nuva armor for a bust, then decided against it. I’m not sure quite what’s going on there. I do like the jaw piece behind the head, it looks kind of like hair levitating under some dark power.

Kinda like No,

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beautiful feminine proportions, reminds me of my mother. thank you!


I mean, it ain’t all bad. with some improvements, she could look great! I do really like the Wings and some of others ideas you’re going for but you Definitely need to fix the Chest, Lower Arms, and Feet.

also, side note I feel bad for people who make Female Mocs and get Yelled at because it isn’t Proportional. and sure it probably is but Women come in all Shape and Sizes and it doesn’t matter that they should look all the same because everyone is different. so keep that in Mind

Please turn the brightness down on whatever you’re taking pictures with. And possibly boost the contrast a little. She looks like you were taking your photos in a vape cloud.

Aside from that: love the wings; new silver on thighs and trident should be traded out for old silver, nuva shoulders match the rounded mask but contrast too much with everything else.

Yeah, I’m sorry, I realized it only after I posted the MOC, but I couldn’t repost the whole topi from all over again.

In a good or bad way?

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don’t say that word.


What is this supposed to mean?

It means it tickles my humerus (which even more humerusly isn’t actually the funny bone, just oddly close to it).

The skeletal wings look really menacing and the whole construction of them is solid.