I swapped a bunch of different masks with this one. Which is the best, do you think?




I think the best one is the Avohkii. Where are the hands from?

The moc is awesome. I really like the arm and chest designs.

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Man I love this MOC. The feet seem slightly too large but I can’t think of another part that would fit the textures of the build as well. I generally don’t like the Avohkii but I think it looks absolutely amazing on this.

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nice moc, but seriously-

where did you get those hands, and which black market dealer do i gotta shake down to get 'em???

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Shapeways, I would assume.

details seem a bit too crisp and clean for shapeways.

could be wrong if you got a link.

& @ToaBion @Solar_Claptrap those are from some bootLego sets that were sold on AliExpress a few years ago. Unfortunately no one has been able to find them anymore. But if you want to look, search for ‘lepin Bionicle’ or ‘ynynoo Bionicle.’ Maybe they’ve shown up again.

And thanks for the compliments!


I love the gunmetal Matatu/armour, it creates a really unique colour scheme that looks sharp, and flows very well.


Looks great!
Just slap on a volitak and you’ve got yourself an excellent toa Nihdiki moc

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I personally think the gunmetal Matatu looks best. It’s darker colour looks nicer against all the silver.

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Honestly, I think the Avohkii was the best fit.

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All the masks except maybe drill dozer work really well tbh. Awesome job.

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I concur on the Avohkii.

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That custom mask that looks like Nuparus is the best in my opinion.

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