Adino the Warrior (Bionicle Test Footage)

A short test video using my latest creation, Adino the Warrior.
Is a Toa? is he a Glatorian? I have no idea...

His build uses the new 2016 body piece with the 2015 gear box as a torso.



I like his staff.

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I loooove the head build

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If I could have the tutorial to the head, I'd be the most grateful and happy person :smile:


Gouge thy enemies! What if he was a Toa and a Glatorian? :astonished:

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His head is the literal best custom head I've ever seen ever.


ha, nice

Great stuff, bro. I love Adino's head. Keep on working with stop motion, I'd like to see what the future brings. :grinning:

Nice head there.

this is some pretty great stop motion man

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Can you show how you built that head I want to use it for my self-moc

Thanks for all the feedback dudes. Seems like everybody likes his head design lol.
I wasn't even sure if I was gonna use it on him or not when I first built him.
I'll have to see about making instructions for it, I do plan on making other MOCs with this head style.
FYI: the key pieces for this head is having the new shoulder armor pieces from the Star Wars sets and having two of these pieces...whatever they're called...

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Thanks dude