Adrim, Toa of Metal

Hey, My Self-MOC!


Ah, yes my very own Self-MOC.
This is Adrim, The Toa of Metal. He is capable of producing any weapon and he is able to manipulate metal or material that consists of metal at his own desire. He wears the Great Kanohi Boko, the Mask of Temperature Manipulation (yes, I know it is really the mask of earth but I decided to make my own mask power), which allows him to change the temperature in living or non-living things. The highest temperature he is capable of creating is approximately 5,778 degrees Kelvin (heat of the sun), and the lowest is 0 degrees Kelvin (absolute zero), without any damage or difficulty. However, it greatly exhausts him when he reaches extreme temperatures, so he uses low heat consumption. He wields his Protoderimis Hammer, an absolutely massive hammer, capable of crushing his enemies. He also holds a shield.


The mask stands out, in neither a good or bad way. The cape should be either gold or silver/grey, and not brown. also, He’s got a lot of system on him, which doesn’ really combine well with the semi-rounded CCBS shells.

It’s a good start, but it does need improvement.

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The lack of thumbs is really odd, and super easy to fix. Aside from that, and the kinda auqard shoulder armor, I really like it.

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Bionicle Reinhardt?

I love that hammer. Sure, there’s other cool stuff, but I can’t stop staring at the hammer.

I really like the hammer but I don’t know know how much I like that groin armor.

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I think you should add more trans purple, cause it’s only at the mask,the cape could be another color,but overall, good MOC

Looks pretty nice, but he needs more bulk. Right now his legs and arms look way too lanky to be supporting that awesome, massive hammer.

The moc is really cool, it just needs more trans purple or none at all

Thanks for the feedback, will upload a 2nd version real soon!

(oh and the cape is actually dark red/ metru red depending on your specifications)

Adrim, Toa of Metal V2

Shield now attatches to “knuckle”
More purple and trans. purple
Added bulk to the legs
New weapons: small dagger and retractable sword.


While he could use some more trans purple, this moc is pretty good. Especially the armor layoring