Adventures of Gavla The Thief

        **This is a 2 part story.**

The next part will be added next week. (Hopefully.)
So before I start the story, here’s a few details you may need: Gavla is not Gavla she is actually this character: Gavla, The Thief (MOC). Why did I not give her a original name? Because names are not my forte. SECOND DETAIL: This is one of my first stories I’ve written in a while so comments and feedback are encouraged!
And now with that out of the way here is the story:

The sound of a lock-pick snapping sounded out in the silence of the night. Gavla immediately reeled back, shocked to hear any sound at this time. When she realized it was her own lock-pick that had broken she almost chuckled at her fear. What a disappointment, Gavla thought to herself, as she stood slowly. In the distance Gavla could hear the clacking of metal against brick. Sigh “I guess the Vahki patrol is early” Gavla said aloud. “Naw, not for a good two minutes” a voice replied. Gavla quickly scanned her surroundings, only to set her eyes on a Po-matoran wearing a brown Miru, causally standing 10 feet from her.

“How long you been standing there Tarok?” Gavla asked.
“Long enough to know you can’t pick a lock”
“Everyone messes up from time to time”
“Even the great Gavla, whom matoran have said, stole a toa’s mask right off their face?”
“Heh, that was a fun job, but still beside the point. What I’m try-”
Gavla was cut off by the sound of a door knob being turned. Gavla turned to look at the door she had just been lock-picking. She watched in silence as it slowly turned. Gavla took a quick glance at where Tarok was standing but he was gone. Once she realized that he had ran away, she muttered a few choice words underneath her breath.

The door creaked open slowly to reveal a short female Po-turaga. “Who’s out there?” The turaga asked (though it sounded more like a command.) Gavla’s mind was moving a thousand miles an hour. First she thought to punch the turaga, but that was disregarded quite quickly. Secondly she thought to run, but that would bring unwanted attention, anyway she wasn’t Tarok. Her third thought she liked best.
“I’m here to talk to you about the word of Mata Nui” Gavla stated.
The turaga squinted her eyes at Gavla before yelling for help.

“Crap” Gavla muttered as she ran. This is why she didn’t like Po-Koro, nobody trusts anybody. As Gavla ran she hooked one of her blades into a near by house, she used the blade to throw herself onto the roof. She could already hear the Vahki right on her tail. It didn’t help that Zadakh were some of Gavla’s least favorite vahki. As Gavla continued to run, jumping from roof to roof, she noticed something odd in the distance. About four houses down it looked as if the roof disappeared, as odd as this was she couldn’t stop running, with the Vahki right behind her. Thats when the roof three houses down disappeared, Then two. Gavla jumped to the next roof, only for it to disappear.

Gavla fell for at least a minute. Above her was only darkness, below was the same, until a dim glow emanated from what must have been the ground. “Really, the word of Mata Nui?” was Gavla’s last thought before her final splat. At least it would have been if Gavla hadn’t been stopped mid-air about 8 inches from the ground. In shock Gavla quickly scanned the large cave she appeared to be in now. Standing in front of her was what appeared to be a toa with a matoran on either side of them. The “toa” spoke in a female voice: “Welcome my friend, to the gathering of moHnA LaiSa.”