Adventures of the CHC: Risebell's Journey to the Top

The being @Risebell climbed his way across the steep hill. An experienced adventurer, he knew the terrain well, yet seemed unable to grasp the mountains.
This should be too easy, as I’ve already climbed this. Gawd, I should’ve been able to climb this in a few seconds!!
A different species of human, the name Risebell was only a nickname, and his species was widely respected. Born from a mother and immediately put into an incubator, the children were to be genetically modified by fusing aviators to their faces. Rise’s family, in particular, were most respected, and high rulers of their empire, the Shan’ta-xai’man. The deemed chosen one, Rise was sent to train with the now-missing master @Nyran, and to protect the island from evil.
But of course, that was not the case.
“Adventuring in unknown locations, young one?”, echoed an incomprehensible, nasal voice.
Rise turned to see a cruel looking being, about the size of he, with the appearance of a scholar. His face was hidden behind a rubber mask, and he was wearing equipment similar to the being called…Rise searched for the name…Nick Bluetooth. He was also (of note) wearing a mechanical fez.
“Who are you?”
The being extended his one spring-extension arm, which just so happened to transform," I am Matt, otherwise known as @MaximumWarp, a famed artist. I am here to find the explosive mangosteen, which I shall use against the leader of the fellow town."
“Wait a sec… You’re the one that went insane long ago!”
'Twas true, as Matt, which he was known as in old days, had been exiled by leader @Mesonak, and was so for his Galidor cult. The cult drove him insane, to the point where he’d been unable to draw anything similar to the Nyran vs. @Scarilian painting that made him famous.
O yes, 'tis me, as methinks that TTV shalt be destroyed, and thus, GTV shall rule!"
“Not without my say.”
And Risebell, brave as he was, unsheathed his infinity blade to confront the menace in front of him.

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But Rise is imprisoned by Hawky

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#but rise is the leader
Is he not already at the top?

Sorry, but only his WAY to the top.

Needs more ex-CHC members

ALSO fanart

Make a sequel.

Oh! I actually abandoned this topic, and might make more chapters, oh great Risebell! I’ll get to it presto!