Advice for a moc's mask

A lousy, self focussed, topic I know. But I've been constructing a team of toa mocs and am trying to decide what masks to use for the last couple of toa. These last two toa are a toa of water and a toa of ice (who is the leader of the team). So if you guys have any ideas of what masks would be good, I'd love some advice.
The masks I will not be using are the pakari, kakama, faxon, and huna because they are being used by other members of the team and I'd prefer not to repeat powers, cause that's kinda lame. Also masks that come in ice/water colors would be better, but not 100% needed because I'm not above painting masks like the rebel I am.

Thanks for your input and please ask me any questions you have.

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Before suggesting anything, I'd like to have a general idea of who the characters are and some of their traits(how they fight, how light or heavy they are, what are their skills, etc.)

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I totally meant to write that too, whoops. Well both are male (I switched around the genders a bit so my toa of air and fire are both female) and the toa of water is a patient, laid back guy who usually uses defense first in a fight. He has a shield and either a spear of some sort or a sword (haven't decided which) and while very smart and patient, he can sometimes be too slow to go on the attack. The toa of ice is also smart and a talented leader, thinking of his team as well as himself before making a decision. Though he tries to cool the conflict down before any violence occurs, he won't hesitate to cool them down with his fast swordplay and elemental power (I'm sorry. That pun was bad). He is one of the most skilled combatants of the team and both he and the toa of water follow the no kill rule very closely.

Ice you could go with the silver Kiril.
Water you could use a Ruru, perhaps?

Seeing as he's a defensive type, I'd probably give the toa of water a blue Hau.

And yeah, the Kiril sounds like a good choice for the toa of ice.

The hau makes sense. Thanks

For water I would say a Hau, or Tuyet's mask. (Power anyway.)

For Ice, I would suggest a Calix.

I would say for the ice toa this would be a good choice if painted white (just my opinion though)

I'm not good at mask names so I don't know what it's called. If not how about the Maxilos mask (in white) cos it looks quite ice Toa to me??? Sorry both the masks I recommended are red though.

I think the Hau's a good choice for a defensive character, but if you go with that, I'd nix the physical shield, 'cause it seems rather redundant to have both (though this is coming from a guy who's Hau-wearing OC does occasionally use a shield, so what do I know? :stuck_out_tongue:)

The Kiril sounds good for an Ice Toa. If you're thinking silver, I'd maybe also consider the Rode (if you have one, that is).

Good luck with the team!

Thank you, with any luck I'll be posting their pictures in the near future alongside other mocs. And thank you for your ideas. And you have a very good point about the shield... makes you wonder why Tahu mistika had one.