Aether: Right Hand Of The Allone

Well. It’s been far too long. Time to post a Moc

Aether is the counterpart to my Erebus Moc. A Moc I posted a while back

On the story of Aether and Erebus, for some of you who hasn’t seen Erebus, is that they are both part of a godly being only known as The Allone. And he has made seven worlds, each with a watch known as Overseers (now on Erebus topic I called them celestial, but I change the name of them)

Aether and Erebus jobs are to keep the balance of the universe. As in, one to protect the people of the worlds and one to destroy those who threaten them, get it. One hand give, the other takes away get it… ok moving on

Aether is arm with a gun like Erebus

A closer look

His gun can double as a sword

here’s the two of them together

And Aether has a Axes being his main weapon, like Erebus lance

Also like Erebus, Aether can opening up his essence to give him self a power boots

But when like this, he is more vulnerable

well that’s it for now, let me know on what you think, and I’ll be back with more


I can’t tell if this is edgy or majestic… both… or cool.

But this is definitely awesome

I really don’t have any complaint; it feels perfect for what it’s supposed to be.

Hell boy’s angelic counterpart. “Right hand of the Allone” meet the right hand of doom. XD