Aeza and Velursa

So, I got a bunch of Bionicle pieces, and this is what I did with them, among other things…

Gender: Female

Species: Matoran (Toa)

Element: Stone

Kanohi: Unknown

Tools: Crude Half-Shields

See the Bio HERE

Gender: Female

Species: Matoran (Toa)

Element: Air

Tool: Shield

And that’s all! Not my best work, but let me know what you think anyways!


The open ball joints and sockets are definitely a con. I like the unique colors for Velursa though. It fits a Toa of Air.


Not a fan of the open balls and sockets, but the designs of the MOCs are really good.

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:confounded:Yeah, honestly I expected that, but you work with what you have. Thanks tho!

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I really like how Velursa looks. I really like the colourscheme as well.

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Thanks man!