After the MLP revelations in #138 and #139, this had to be done eventually

So I only just got around to listening to the 138th podcast a few days ago, and I decided I wanted to draw something to commemorate TTV’s very own brony. And then around rolls #139, and with it the perfect opportunity to include another cast member with perhaps a… slightly different level of interest.

Thanks to Frodobell for providing literally the only MOC of Takuma I could find anywhere on the internet for reference, along with a good simple one for Eljay as well.

Also, man I need to work on my straight lines.


Cool! The minor curvature give it a cartoony look. This is awesome!


I don’t even like mlp and I think this is funny


Right when the MLP:FIM dis-ing started I was like: U wot m8?

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The cast members of TTV should totally do something MLP related for April Fools next year. Think about it, Eljay Reviews one of the toy sets, Venom reviews some OC’s, and Meso plays the mobile game. Any other suggestions for a ponified TTV?


Tis amazing!

So pretty.

I have a idea!..


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I second this motion. It just needs some sort of Lloyd is Brony thing in it.

I don’t believe I’ve seen this fan-MOC of me. Care to point it out?

Also, how dares you? Giving me Twi instead of WOONA. ):<


Man, what even is timely response.
Anyway, I don’t know if it’s a thing that people generally do here (or on message boards in general for that matter), but I’m just going to try and reply to everyone because it seems like the right thing to do.

@helryx Thanks! I like to think, in my completely unprofessional and amateurish mind, that one’s skill is not defined by their lack of limitations (e.g. straight lines) but by how they use those limitations to their advantage.

@Middlefingerstudios (Insert something about you will be assimilated or somesuch)

@ChaoticTempleKnight To be honest, I’m actually a little disappointed Eljay hasn’t made an appearance here yet, it would be interesting to see what he has to say about this.

@Kiixaar @squeaverking I will also support this motion. It would certainly be interesting to see how each cast member deals with the sudden change in content, wouldn’t it?

@TFM101 @RaptorTalon19 Thank you both!

And finally,

@TakumaNuva I’m pretty sure I actually saw a comment from you on the MOC in question, but here you are anyway. Out of curiosity, is there any other particular MOC of yourself that you prefer?
Also, Twi because she just seemed like the most recognizable choice. Though I may make a Woona version if I have time (read: if I can be bothered).

Whew. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea after all. Oh well, I’ve done it now.


I thought it was cool. 8/8

Okay, I guess I have seen it before. Thanks for reminding me.

As for your question, I don’t think there has actually been another MOC of myself (aside from Gerlicky’s That’s Messed Up comics), so I can’t have much of a preference. Making an accurate MOC of me would (probably) be difficult anyway.

Whoah, sorry, I didn’t see this post till just now. You’re welcome, by the way. The MOC is completely based on how he sounds to me, not any official stuff.

Did I just… Did I just get mentioned on the podcast? (Well, only briefly and just over a week ago really, but I only just got around to listening to it. I’m never up to date.)
But anyway.

@frodobell Certainly nothing to be sorry about, in fact just to show how little of a problem it is I waited for over two months to reply! That, or I’m lazy and forgetful. Silly lazy forgetful me.
Regardless, I’d say you’ve done a great job on those MOCs! If I ever end up drawing more stuff, I think I’ll keep using those ones - they’re nice and simple but they have a whole lot of character, and I think it works well!


Thanks, mate! I try to keep a simple style in my MOCs, to reflect the style of BIONICLE sets throughout the years.

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