Aftermath - Spherus Magna.

What your looking at, is the result of five months of hard work, brainstorming and research.

These past months have really brought me together as a person, as I’ve realised just how much this community meant to me and I have to face the fact that I might not be doing fan fiction on Bionicle for a while after this. It’s sad to me.

So as a last personal note, thank you to Greg Farshtey for bringing me and the whole community a story they can follow and nerd out over and thank you to Lego for bringing it to life.

Thank you :heart:

Aftermath - Spherus Magna
Spherus Magna, a now flourishing planet full of life and prosperity, and now thanks to the actions of Mata Nui, filled with inhabitants.

Tahu stood above the crowd of Glatorian, Agori, Turaga, Matoran and Toa, holding the Mask of Life in his hand, on a cliff edge looking out upon the land of elements that made up Spherus Magna.

“It’s time to begin again.” he said, a stern yet relieved look on his face. The Toa and Matoran stood in a circle as Tahu drew out a symbol in the dirt, last seen when Takanuva defeated Makuta.
The three virtues, Unity, Duty and Destiny.

The others asked the Glatorian and Agori to follow.

Tahu placed the Mask of Life on the middle symbol, representing Destiny. And he himself stood on Unity, and Takanuva on Duty. A column of light and energy poured out of the mask and the symbol, as the mask hovered into the air and flipped over to face the crowd.

The light obscured the sight, but a being was visibly being created inside the column. As the light dimmed and cleared, Mata Nui in his old Glatorian body stood in place of the mask.
Everyone stared in awe of the being in front of them. As Tahu stepped off, he kneeled in front of Mata Nui, as a sign of respect and gratitude.

Everyone else followed after, small whispers could be heard.
Looking down at his hands and realizing he wasn’t erased from history, Mata Nui raised his head and looked at the gathered group of new and old friends. He bowed back in silence.
Raising back up, he prepared to say something. Click, the beetle that assisted him on Bara Magna, happily crawled towards his best friend, making his iconic clicking noises as he did.

“Click! Oh… My apologies old friend, I left you in a time of my need.” Mata Nui said, happily picked up his Rahi friend and placing him on his shoulder. He then took a breath in and readjusted so he could say the speech he was going to give.

“Over the tens of thousands of years of my existence, I neglected everyone who worked tirelessly to make sure my robot body was maintained. I pitted great pain and suffering on all of you, Toa and Matoran. And for that, and for what you all did during the Great Battle, I am truly and undeniably sorry.”

He then walked into the crowd, as everyone cleared the way for Mata Nui. Where they stood, on that cliff edge, Mata Nui pointed his finger out.

“I’m hoping all of you can forgive me, and now that Makuta has been defeated, we all can live in peace and happiness.”

“I have a plan. And it involves the being known as Artakha.”

As it turned out, when the moons of Aqua and Bota Magna fused back into Spherus Magna, the islands that were on either planet also resurfaced after Mata Nui used his robot body to give life back to the planet. The Island of Artakha still remained.

“I will speak to Artakha and hopefully convince him to create new villages using his Mask. All of you can follow if you choose.”

“We are with you, noble one.” said Toa Jaller, as serious and happy as he could be.

As Mata Nui started his trek, the massive group of Toa, Matoran and Glatorian and Agori followed closely behind him.

The Island didn’t seem too far away, being only about an hours travel. Mata Nui gave life back to a lot of flying and fast swimming friendly Rahi, notably Takanuva and Jallers pet Pewku the Ussal crab, of which Takanuva and Jaller rode on. Anyone who could fly was doing so, mostly the Turaga and some Matoran rode on the backs of Guko birds, Ussal crabs and many friendly Rahi.

The island wasn’t in a massive body of water as thought, but instead was surrounded by a small ocean-like body of water, thanks to the shifting of the planets, the Island being centered right in the middle.

The waters were calm, and teeming with life. Fish and other aquatic creatures could be seen swimming among their kind.
Some Matoran even swam beside the amphibious rahi like takea sharks chasing prey, as a sort of freedom.

A few hours later, albeit to the group it felt like minutes, everyone had landed on the beaches. It was night, a very soothing and calm night. The island was roughly the same size as Mata Nui when viewed from the air, only smaller in stature. The land ahead was all sand, leading into a small forest and a clearing, the clearing of which was floating a few feet off the ground, creating a mystical center piece to the beautiful land.

“My friends, we must go to that floating piece of land. It seems like we can make good contact there.” encouraged Mata Nui, who was pointing to the floating piece of jagged ground.

The Toa Mata picked up some Matoran and some elders and flew towards the mystical piece, and Mata Nui himself and anyone else who couldn’t fly stormed the beach and ran into the forest with both haste and glee, as no one in the group had seen a real island in a very long time, and it felt like home had just blessed them.

Reaching the base of the rock, Mata Nui and the others, consisting of the Toa Mahri, of whom breathed Air now thanks to the sad yet brave sacrifice of Toa Matoro, and some Matoran. Lewa, Pohatu, and Onua flew down and picked up the Toa one by one, while Mata Nui found a separate way up: by creating a bridge of living material and using it to climb upward.

Once upon the top of the rock, Everyone glanced upward, as a panting Mata Nui just reached the edge.

They were looking at the sky, as the stars shone bright and true underneath the light of a blueish white moon. The stars seemed…alive. Or at least they were moving slowly.
Mata Nui joined the group, awestruck by what he was witnessing.

Everyone and Mata Nui took a knee and bowed their heads in respect. Artakha isn’t treated as a god, but is respected among the community for his mask and his powers.

"It’s been a long time, old friend. Far too long. "
Said a bellowing heavily accented voice from seeming out in the open.

A light soon shone upon the group, and from an unseen portal, strode out Artakha. Clad in gold, white and green armour and carrying a rather large staff for his size, Artakha looked regal and proud of what had happened.

His Mask, the Mask of Creation, had a strange yet regal look to it, having four small rectangular shapes shoot outward and around covering the sides of the mask, creating a nice look, and to top it off, the top of the mask looked like a crown, decorated in runes and charms, all of which was glowing a slight green color.

Mata Nui, who was now standing up and grinning, extended a fist towards Artakha, in a gesture of simple respect and friendship.

“Ah, so the legend of the ‘Great MATA NUI’ is true I see.” he jokingly said while meeting Mata Nuis fist with his own and slightly giggling whilst he spoke.

“Brother, how I am thrilled to see your island restored!” Mata Nui said, whilst clapping a hand on Artakhas shoulder.

Artakha nodded in return, holstering his staff along his back.
Mata Nui, his grin now turned into a more stern and serious look, locked eyes with Artakha.

“I need to ask of you a favor, brother. I - no - Everyone who re inhabited this planet needs you to reconstruct their homes and villages in the regions of this planet, as everyone here is more accustomed to that life. We aren’t ordering, and I humbly ask you to fulfill their wishes. I also lack the power to reanimate anything nonliving.”

Without a response, Artakha raised his hand to the air, and his mask shone bright yellow.

“Your wish has been granted. Fellow humble Matoran, To a Brothers and Sisters, I give to you the Village of Mata Nui.”

With a quick snap, his mask lit up in a fiery shine of gold, very reminiscent of a certain Chronicler. He raised his hands, and the whole world came alive.

Forests sprung into villages that looked reminiscent of the forest villages of Le-Koro. Lava flows, controlled thoughtfully by a rising yet calm volcano, turned into the castle-like structures of Ta-Koro, much to Tahu’s happiness.

“Thank the Great Beings that those walking snakes exist no more… Right brother?” excitedly said Pohatu, clapping a hand to Tahus shoulder.

“You speak the truth, Pohatu.” responded his fiery red brother, who fell to his knees in happiness, unseen tears in his eyes.

The Lakes and oceans around them at the moment started rumbling, and out of some of them came stone built structures, of which became Ga-Koro.

The Mountains and Deserts around the world carved themselves into the structures of Po-Koro. Mata Nui, looking down at the rumbling ground, pointed out a hole behind the group. Some of the Matoran hailing from Onu Koro decided to try and look, to which Onua helped them.

They smiled as they realized what that hole led to. The new Onu-Koro. The Archives copied exactly from Metru Nui and beyond. They carved out a region visible to the group. Spiraling tunnels, lit up by dome shaped homes and natural light coming from holes poking upward, to which the many archivists and scientists decided to call their homestead.

And finally, out in the icy lakes of the planet, yet not immediately visible to the group, rose huge observation towers and many different villages making up the scientist populated Ko-Koro.

The regions of Fire, Ice, Water, Earth, Stone, and Air had been reestablished.

The Koros being their center, with many villages sprouting around them and filling up the spaces surrounding them.

It was beautiful. Beyond that. It was so beautiful, nothing before it, not the Island of Mata Nui, nor the city of Metru Nui, or any other island before it, was more beautiful.

The group of Matoran started cheering and chanting for everything. The new Koros, for Artakha, for Mata Nui, even beyond.

Joy and happiness prospered.

Mata Nui, sitting upon a floating rock, suddenly felt the ground shake, and the rock they were all on descended down. Locking back into place, the rock made a looming thomph sound. Artakha smiled. It was the first time in a while since he had to use his powers, and not only did it turn out the way he expected, it turned out better.

Mata Nui stood up and faced the cheering group of heroes.

“Now friends, it’s time we rejoice! Inhabit your Koros! Go Matoran, Agori, all of you! I will remain here, and build the centerpiece to this world. With some help of course.” he smiled over towards Artakha who walked off with the group’s heading towards Le-Koro to assist in the rebuilding and settlement effort.

The whole group, Toa and Glatorian included, in a matter of minutes dispersed into their respective Koros, leaving Mata Nui and Click alone, both sitting on a rock.

Mata Nui, after everything that had happened, decided it was time for a break. The world was back to normal, evil barely exists anymore. Yet, it might still exist somewhere.

From behind him, he heard a portal opening softly and readied Click. Behind him, turned from the shadows, came a white armour clad being. Mata Nui didn’t know who this was, and readied his sword and shield.

“Who are you?!” he yelled.

“I’m Makuta, from an alternate universe.”

The End. For now.