Community Game night 6/6/15

Another fun game night on a rising in popularity game, it is unversial on computers as I know so far. (it uses a URL so i guess…) The game night will be on Saturday, june 6, 6 days from now. What you have to do is keep refreshing the page untill you see someone with the [TTV] nametag in front of their name.

Important: Please make youre name/ put the nametag “[TTV]” in front so we can reconize each other and stay on the same server/Another important fact, go to US EAST. That is the end of the instructions, Any questions post in this topic. I will see you in less then a week!


All right! I’ll be there.

Easier way to change maps: switch from US East to another place, and then back to US East. Just a suggestion.

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Spread the word! :grin:

Alright, I’m down for this!

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I’ll show up if I remember (hopefully I will). :stuck_out_tongue: Do you have a specific time in mind for it to start?


I’ll try to keep myself reminded. Just played a round and died, can’t wait for it to be at the hands of someone from the TTV boards.

exept i wont bcus i will b rekin all u skrublords

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So we just eat each other and see who becomes the biggest and wins?

Will there be other guys outside of TTV playing?

Do we play FFA of Teams?


Doubt I can join.

I will release the time later closer to the date.

yes but you have to put the nametag [TTV] so we know each other


why not

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Me. I’ll join

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I’ll be playing as [TTV]Dank Memes
If you see me, eat me.


I think I’ll join.

If ya see a [TTV] ゴジラ, It’s probably me.


What if i’m too small?

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then suffer the consicunces

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Then you shall be consumed by Dank Memes.


What time are we aiming for?

look above

I’ll join too, since it’s a game I can afford.

glances at 160 dollars’ worth of 2015 Bionicles


Should we decide on one person to go to a world and list who’s on the leaderboard so we can all go to the same world?

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I see a date, but not a time. Like, 6:00 PM 7:00PM