Age of Empires General Discussion

Let's talk about one of Microsoft's most epic line of games, Age of Empires, and the inspired spin-offs. Which one do you like? Did you get all the expansions? What's your favorite civilization?


I liked the Star Wars spinoff. as for the main game, my favorite race was always the Teutons. the Teutonic Knights were the bomb.

My friend gave me an instant win code for Age of Empires II, among other codes that give me unlimited supplies of all resources except food.

I have all the main series games (with all expansions except the most recent AoE II expansion), and I'm pretty good with most civilizations.

I must get this game now.
It sounds fun.

Ah, but which one of these games

I love AoE! I have AoE II of Steam


Age of Empires II is pretty amazing, been ages since I last played it though.

AoE I/II are still among my favorite games ever.


My favorite was the 2nd one, it's incredible (the 3rd one was pretty cool as well, but not as excellent as the 2nd)

I still have the old CD somwhere...

I'll reinstall it.