Agiri V2

After a fair amount of critiques on my original Moc Agiri, Uniter of lightning, I decided to do a complete overhaul of her and Ataria’s design.
First I’ll talk about Agiri. The biggest change I made was swapping out the 2016 torso for a custom torso based on a technic beam. This alowed me to give her curves as well as other features that make her more feminine. I also gave her more gold so the gold creature head didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Also, I was able to shorten all the limbs due to the fact that I got rid of her high heels (those trans neon green spikes on the back of her feet are heel Spurs, not high heels). Also, I changed out the 2016 chest piece to what I wanted originally, a trans blue rib cage piece. As for her weapon, I changed that completely. Gone is her single small two bladed sword. Now she has TWO massive swords with crystal blades.
Ataria did not change much in design, but she changed a lot in terms of what she is. Due to Agiri’s custom torso, her piece of Unification sits lower on her back than it normally would. To adjust, I had to make Ataria’s neck longer (hence the friction adder). However, when I did that, I thought that no bird has a neck that long, so I changed her to be a pterosaur. After that, I fiddled with the wing placement to be more pterosaur like, as well as adding a spike for a thumb and a bone for more posing. After I changed the tail a bit, I had what you see now.
Those were all the changes I made to Agiri and Ataria. Feel free to critique my work. I hope you enjoyed my Moc!


The chest armor is really weird.


I agree with Omega - the, what I suppose are breasts, part of the armor looks insanely awkward compared to rest of the MOC, which alone is mediocre - I can certainly see this to be a way better MOC in the future if you chose to improve on it.

You’re probably right. I’m thinking of buying some more f the Star Wars buildible action figures for the shoulder armour. However, for the time being, this is the best I could do given parts and justice overall skill. I need a lot more practice in other words.

I feel like the colors shouldn’t work. But they do, and they work very well.

All I did was think of what colours were associated with electricity and added gold.

The whole chest area is kind of strange.

The breasts are too much, they really look awkward

I’ve actually had this mentioned a few times now. My only response is this is my first female Moc and it was the best I could do with the pieces and experience I had. If I had the Star Wars shoulder pieces, I would use those.

the make the flame piece that fits ins inside the 2015 sword in neon green, you could probably fill the sword out more with that piece.

I would use a neon green piece, but the only two I have are on my Makuta Moc for the contest which I’m posting at the end of the week, as I am going to get a set then that has the pieces I need to complete it. However, when I do post it on rebrick, I will take the neon green pieces and out the on Agiri.

Don’t even try this as torso armor without maybe tripling the size of the MOC. Which I don’t recommend.

MOC itself, while I see what you were trying for I don’t think it really pulled through to the final thing. The swords are too awkwardly large, the creature is lackluster and basically a white/blue version of Ikir, and most of all, that torso is…interesting, but falls apart in practice, mostly due to the direction the armor faces. If you moved them about a shell’s width lower and flipped the direction of the armor, it would probably actually work, but unfortunately in their current state they just don’t.

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IMO you are trying to hard to make her look feminine with the high heels, and torso. Look at Gali 2015 she manged to look feminine while not being overly proportionate like this moc.

The feet are way too small IMO

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Thank you everyone. No matter how proud I am of the custom torso, I might just scrap this Moc and just start anew with a new character. I will take all of this into consideration when I do start my next female Moc. But I do have one question: what does IMO mean?

In my opinion

Thank you.

Very nice colour scheme

I’d actually suggest taking queue’s from 2016 Gali more so, who also accomplishes a feminine look due to her slimmer shoulder build and armour arrangement.

That said I do like what you have so far! If I had one criticism to make (asside from the breasts) it would be that the color placement is a little haphazard. I’d say to decide what each color represents as armour itself and work from there. Like making the gold represent sort of thicker armouring on her lower legs and arms, while the white is meant to be thinner for example. That way it’s cohesive.

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Thanks! I’m going to do that.