Agne & Avin

Agne is a female Le-Matoran who lives on the Southern Continent. She is smart and quiet, probably due to her being quite shy. She is currently in a relationship with Avin.

Avin is an Onu-Matoran who is also quite shy, but opens up when he gets to know a person. He also lives on the Southern Continent and is in a relationship with Agne.

Avin is a my new Self-MOC, replacing Iyre because he sucks tbh.


Nice designs! The blue pins on Avin stick out, but other than that good job.

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Yeah, I noticed that, but I don’t have enough black ones and I don’t want to use the light grey ones because it’d make the whole MOC jiggle. Thanks.

These are nice, the build really suits the matoran style. Only thing I can say has already been mentioned about the blue pins, I’m constantly running out of the black ones as well. Good job :+1:

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using these

as legs isnt a good idea, I would use two of the shorter ccbs bones, I dont really like that they cant really bend in the knee

While I love the build I have to agree with @Asriel, the knees just don’t look right. Over all though, good job!

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These are reminiscent of the Voyatoran, and that’s pretty good in my book. The build be themselves are also really nice.

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Yeah that was kind of the idea :smiley:

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they look really nice actually, though I might be a little biased because i’m obsessed with the Voyatoran. Change out those blue pins though, they look awful, and I would also perhaps try to re-work the legs to enable greater posability.

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