Agoran Build (WIP)

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This is why I disappeared three years ago. Self-imposed exile to work on a self moc. Three years to try and make a build that I was actually happy with. That is, recreating the human musclar system in a Bionicle build that shouldn’t be much taller than Umarak or so. Currently the shoulder system is done. Up to eight points of articulation in each shoulder rather than a fixed ball and socket system. The build allows you to bend the arms behind the back or allow the arms to be crossed and even folded. Next I’m working on the spine, with three to four points of waist articulation when done.

I’m calling it Agoran as a mix of Agori and Matoran. The build is being used in artwork and story I’ve been planning since 2016, a possible Generation 3, but that’s something I’m being quiet about until I’m sure I have enough progress storywise to actually make something out of it. For now, I’m happy to be back at TTV, albeit very quiet, I’ll show progress once I can afford the pieces I need to complete the entire basic build.


Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Welcome back. You wont be here long. /s

I’ve seen you post around tumblr with custom frames, while this isn’t one of my favorites; the “keen” connection is rather nice.

The website is so glitchy on my tablet I can’t edit the post to add an individual image for forum preview. Oi…


I can’t wait either. I need a LOT of pieces. Lol


Thanks! Lol yeah it still as a long way to go…

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well, it looks pretty good so far

also, it’s nice to meet you and see you again

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Thank you so much! To you as well!

Oh hey haven’t seen you in a while, nice to see you again

That looks pretty nice so far, looking forwards to it

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