Agori & Glatorian Skin Colours/Races, & Other Anatomy Questions

Hi Greg, I know you’ve answered a bit about anatomy before but I believe these are new:

1. Could the different head/face colours of Agori/Glatorian seen in TLR and the sets be indicative of different skin colours, suggesting different races like humans have? I think the fact that we’ve seen that these colours are mostly but not perfectly consistent within different tribal groups would roughly correspond to the level of interaction we see them have.

2. Do you think Agori/Glatorian have skin or (as I’ve seen in various fan-art) have partial or complete exoskeletons a bit like armadillos, or Turians from Mass Effect? They seem to have mostly rigid faces in TLR which is where I think this idea comes from.

3. Do their eyes glow naturally through some kind of bioluminescence, or does that only happen with implants?

4. A similar question has already been asked, but wasn’t answered: In TLR, nobody could immediately tell Mata Nui was from another world, so how different was his body from a typical Glatorian’s?

5. Did the Ignika purposefully make his body similar to a Glatorian’s to help him blend in?